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RE: A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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When I hear President Nicolas mature in his threatening speeches against the government of the United States, I think he will be supported by Russia and China to threaten in that way, because I assure you that the United States would only need 5 minutes to bomb Venezuela and they would not even notice.

And through my mind pass the memories of the Bolivarian militia, those who are training to face the US army of an invasion, hahaha, I laughed because I was a Venezuelan Air Force military for 19 years and I know that the United States in less than 5 minutes Venezuela disappeared completely.


Observe how it would be a confrontation between the Venezuelan military and the United States hahaha this picture would be great for a real meme!

Now if Nicolas mature decides to use force to remove the diplomatic corps from the United States, from Venezuela I assure you that the response of the United States will be forceful, and I will see the top Venezuelan military officials running from our country.

You think that when Maduro falls he will give you the opportunity to escape, he will be imprisoned, or the same future of Saddam Hussein awaits him.


I can tell you that I live in the city that has most defended this country against the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro San cristóbal, but now people do not want to go out because the government has the armed groups to the metras killing people who barely look out the window is sad but I think that if we do not receive international help, we will not get out of this crisis and we will be a country as equal as Cuba, where everything will be controlled by the government, well more than what it already does, and if not , then we will die of hunger little by little.


Be carefull what you wish for. When Maduro gets replaced by a CIA trained, foreign oil-backed puppet on a string dictator. Will Venezuela be better off then?
Or will Venezuela be raped by the new master?

the same song over and over again

Let that blast trough the valves for a few minutes to chase the evil spirits out of town