venezuela needs you

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In Venezuela it was very evident the closure of the media, to prevent it from spreading what this corrupt government did, because as there were so many problems in closing them, they decided to buy them, now they are slowly trying to close all social networks like the internet, so that people can not be informed, the newspaper is also blocked because there is no paper to print them the government finished with all means of information, this forced to migrate to the internet to be able to transmit what this corrupt government does in every corner of Venezuela.
This month in a hospital in Maracaibo 7 children died from malnutrition were born almost in the bone, if mothers can not feed when they are pregnant as a child can be born, and as they can maintain after birth, if there is no milk, they give them water with sugar, rice water, does not recover the nutrient proteins, then they die, all that is not convenient for the dictatorship of Nicolás mature that the world finds out.
At the moment we are in the World Cup and Venezuelans are distracted watching trying to forget the problems that are going through hunger, economic war, because at this time we need to feed the soul, but in the meantime deaths continue to occur, misery continues to increase every day .
The nurses and the doctors are currently on the street because they do not have a good salary that allows them to feed themselves, they do not have lunch, and they faint in the operating room in the middle of an operation, the last time we went to give hospital lunches , to the people in need, who take care of their children, until the doctors and nurses went out to eat, with pity but they did they told us that they had not eaten either and we helped them equally.

Regrettably through social networks like the instagran, YouTube, they are putting prey to the people who make these accusations, they are restricting our freedom of expression.
We are watching the football world cup but every time we sing a goal, a child dies of hunger, every time we sing a goal, the nurses do not receive a better salary, we are in a society with political guilds that are demonstrating, doctors, nurses workers, police, military, in a spontaneous way, but there is no political leader to direct what should be done in a group form, because every time someone leaves the government puts him in jail.
The coffee is finished in the morning to brighten the day because 250 grams of coffee is worth 2 monthly salaries, now there are no buses due to lack of spare parts, and people see themselves in trucks as kennels because it is the only means of transport that it exists to go from work to home, and many people have lost their lives because they have fallen from them.

At the moment is a political figure, Maria Corina Machado trying to be a political leader in our country and already the government said that she was preparing a assassination against the president of the republic, she answered at a press conference that I wanted him alive, so that later he could be tried and in life answer for all the acts that his government has committed.
The country can not stand it anymore, I have been listening to this for 4 years, who can not stand it or die or go into exile, by December there will be a total of 8 million Venezuelans in the world, we have become a problem for them, there is no a state that holds so many Venezuelans who arrive sick and tired to their country, the solution is to leave the one that causes all this and at least half of the inhabitants who have gone back and then the others little by little in Venezuela must join civilians and military, and get out of this situation once and for all, or join all these 80 countries that have voted against the current government, form a collision and intervene Venezuela.
Maduro amounted to 16,800 soldiers looking for a way to stop what will happen in the future, increase 100% of their salary trying to silence the rebellion in the barracks, the husbands and their children are sorry to be relatives of people who do not defend an institution and a sovereignty.

venezuela needs you

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