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RE: A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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Well the history begin with the Sao Paulo Forum, it was organized by the work's parties and the link side of lationoamerica and caribean Island, and the name was taken for the first city that organized it. The fact of the meeting was the change of strategy, take the power with vote, like Hugo Chavez, Lula Da Silva, even Kicchner, they will support each other, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in Columbia. When Hugo Chavez won the election the Country was tired with 49 years of bipartidism, corruption, the people voted for a change. Chavez change the constitution with the article 333 and reelection, even when Chanvez was alive it was not a democracy he used to control every power in the country, he did a army for for protect him. the last election did not count with the recognition of the international community, in fact as Venezuelan I can tell you that I get tired of voting against Chavez and Maduro, but there is a computerized vote, they cheat because the same government counts the votes. The last power that was elected was the national assembly in 2015, where it could not make the trap got very few votes, and Maduro made a parallel National Assembly, called the National Constituent Assembly, then has a country kidnapped. I have witnessed torture, death and arbitrary detention just for writing a tweet that the government did not agree with. Returning to Article 333 of the constitution, any person has the right to restore the Republic, what if it catches my attention is that now if you have the international support you have, it seems the world divided in cold war. There are many internal and external factors, a lot at stake. Juan Guaidó was sworn in as president and good if you have to remove the government from power, if you check the accounts of those who called themselves socialists have their accounts in tax havens, not only for oil but also for drug trafficking. What will happen, I do not know, but if I tell you that socio-economic data do not lie, how many died due to lack of medicine and food, silence is complicity.


I was going to spend some time reading up on it but from what I have read before pretty much reinforces what you are saying. One phrase I heard on it last night was this wasn't about democracy vs socialism, what this is about is democratic democracy vs dictatorial democracy. I don't know if that made a whole lot of sense but I thought it helped to understand this isn't just about socialism, in some countries socialism thrives but not when you have a dictatorship.

It is a dictatorship disguised as democracy, I wrote a post with my feelings about that. It was frustrating vote almost 20 years and the goverment change the result. Only the first election in 1998 was real. But the fact in that moment is that the project fail, poverty and hunger are the greatest indicators. It has also been a project orchestrated from Cuba by the Castros brothers, seeing that it was easier to come to power as a trojan horse and to install itself indefinitely as Evo Morales, and the case of Chavez and Maduro.

Another fascinating insight into a country I can not get to visit at the moment, thank you for the honest reply.
The information we get outside the country is conflicting to say the very least, half of the world seemed to be extolling the virtues of socialist Venezuela including the UK with Jeremy Corbin until not very long ago, though it seems to be changing now, and I only noted Russia and China not agreeing with the new president, the rest of the world seems more willing, if it is any comfort or of any long term help, I have no idea as yet. Stay strong my friend. And thank you for the reply.

Tnak you very mucho, there a lot of interest of of Russia and China, they have business with Maduro goverment a lot of oil debts.

Yes I have read about the repayments in oil to both of the above.

How much money do they get per gallon? And how much gallons are being shipped?

Lots, though China always seems to get theirs on time, the same can not be said for Russia.

Venezuela has struck oil-for-loans deals with China and Russia, and those countries together have lent Venezuela at least $50 billion in exchange for promised oil and fuel deliveries.

I just learned something thats interesting:

Lastly, Venezuela won't default on its debt because "many high-ranking government officials and their associates are bondholders," said Moya-Ocampos of IHS, who noted it's "not too common" for high-ranking officials to own their country's debt.

but there is a computerized vote, they cheat because the same government counts the votes

False, audits show that consistent votes

Greetings from Venezuela

But you know that the CNE count the votes, even the dead people vote. But the thought are free, welcome to the liberty of expresion. Greatings from Venezuela too :D

Hola, es discutible lo que indicas. Por lo menos en la pagina del CNE puedes verificar la lista de los votantes. Y en la misma pagina puede ver los resultados porcentual de los votos de cada mesa electoral.

Yo trabaje dos veces en las mesas electorales, es muy dificil trampear los votos. En las auditoria de las papeletas también se comprueba que lo transmitido corresponde con lo contado en la urna.

En mi opinión lo unico de ventaja que tiene el oficialismo son la prebendas que usa el gobierno, osea los bonos de la patria en momentos electorales etc.

Te invito a que leas estos articulos muy interesante sobre venezuela