the end of the public

in #politics4 months ago

At first, they attacked my anonymity. Facebook forced me to put my real name in front of my posts. Then they tried to humiliate me in the public space, but my erudition and scholarship turned the tables and they ended up humiliating themselves. Now they plan to destroy the public entirely. By demolishing the entire space, they can come in and enforce their private will again.

Reactionary employment measures have already been implemented. The most important step is impoverishment of the young people and to deny them education and employment opportunities. The reactionary workforce then is to return to work at their menial pay. Dissent won't be mentioned. Young, radical people will have been purged from the workforce and won't have a voice without the respect of a job in society. The reactionary workforce will be too afraid to say anything at work and at home, they only think they are being heard. Noone hears them. The public has been demolished. You have been relegated to your private group of "friends" whose responsibility is to watch over you and monitor you more than to digest and respect your opinion as a member of the public.

The public is dead! There are the blacks and the whites, the Chinese and the Russians, but no public men. There are the news reporters and the police. There are the streets, but the public is dead! You are not an individual who can contribute to the public sphere, but rather a guinea pig under constant observation and not respected. Will you be the actual subject of medical experiments or will they just continue to monitor you?

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