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Activist, author and former CIA officer Robert David Steele joins me to discuss the unmentionable word, Trump and geopolitics - and right out of the gate I ask Robert if he's a Disnfo agent as some claim. And then we go deep as Robert David Steele addresses many of the biggest problems facing our nation & the future of the world.

Robert David Steele's website is:

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Interesting Interview but things like David saying "throw NATO out of New York, we have better uses for the real estate".

The land /realestate/ cash was donated by Rockerfella to build the United Nations building so simply ain't going to happen.

NATO is part of the future "world Police Force " David Icke says.

This photo says it all.

UNinvolved in Peace.jpg

Love Cynthia McKinney... Thought she would of been a good VP for Trump.
Maybe in 2020!!!!

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Thanks for shining a light on the unpleasant topics that the MSM never mentions.

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very nice,informative and straight to the point interview.

Not sure how to feel about David . I don’t like that with all of his talk of revamping things that he still wants to keep the CIA⁉️ If he is in Intelligence then he should know that both the CIA and the NSA are damaged brands , and won’t be effective in the Intelligence community . But here we go again with people saying the right things , and acting suspicious . He is going to have to do better then that . Especially when he talks about sueing , because if he doesn’t mention USA corporation then he is a sellout .