A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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Venezuelans speak up please..

I am offering a 5 steem or 5 sbd bounty! Just for your opinion.

Chaos, they thrive off it! Who you ask? The so called e-lites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They feed off negative energy & With my eyes firmly on the Brexit chaos, that seems intentional, and the proof via the USA that government is not required, 1 month shut down and everyone except federal workers seem to be getting along just fine without them.

Now I need to know your take, from the inside, as to what on earth is going down in Venezuela with two supposed presidents?

The best answer from someone that actually lives there and is witnessing what is going on, wins the prize, and I am leaving you the people reading to pick which answer that is, all you have to do is say I vote this person or comment, in reply to a comment, the one with the most votes after 7 days gets the prize, and if sbd is worth more than steem, the prize will be SBD, or vice versa.

Here is a story/article I read today with regards to this.

The Coup in Venezuela Must Be Resisted.

Venezuela has elections. Juan Guaido has never even been a Presidential candidate. Despite massive CIA opposition funding and interference over years as Big Oil tries to regain control of the World’s largest oil reserves, Nicolas Maduro was democratically re-elected in 2018 as President of Venezuela.

The coup now under way is illegitimate. I opposed Maduro’s move to replace the elected National Assembly. Sometimes I read back things I wrote in the past and decide I was wrong. Sometimes I think the article was right, but a bit of a potboiler. Occasionally I am proud, and I am proud of my analysis on Venezuela written on 3 August 2017. I believe it is still valid. Source.

Like I said, I do not know enough about it to comment.

Hence wanting your views. To take part please resteem for more people to join in the debate. (Not compulsory though.)

No need to upvote to comment either.

For my American cousins below.

For my fellow Brits below.

Added bonus time. :-)

Looking forward to your comments.

@shepz1 is off for some lunch and a bike rebuild. Have a superb day one and all.


To answer your question: This is not something that suddenly happened...we’ve years going through this process. We’ve shown our discomfort with Maduro’s government in all possible ways but at some point it’s seemed that it’s just not enough. We’ve seen how they kill our family members, friends, classmates, neighbors…or how they reprehend our people in such a heartless way that it has made the invisible becomes visible for everybody.
For those who may be asking why our discomfort with Maduro’s government…. well, because our very basic rights have been taken away. People are dying because there’s no medicines available, people are dying because they don’t have what to eat or because of contaminated water, the number of children on the streets is increasing, minimum salary is not enough for food, and so on. Ironically, this situation has brought an opportunity to the government (in a way) because sadly they’ve taken advantage from people that live this chaos in extreme poverty… since they give them ‘’cheap gifts’’ to keep them by their side. But little by little these people that have real necessities have realized that what they get is not enough and that their children are still starving while all the politicians look portly and cheerful on tv.

So, all this time the government have done whatever they want with our country, its constitution and most important its people but now we’re ready to say ‘’no more’’. Yesterday was a great day for our history… Juan Guaido, has bravely declared himself as our new president because that’s what our law establishes (as he was the National Assembly President and Maduro’s presidential period was over)…. but you may ask why he is still in power? Well…basically because he and his government are not going to accept that so easily as all their dirty businesses of all these years are going to be revealed (some of them only will be confirmed) …so they are going to stay until the Titanic goes down. However, in my opinion this change won’t be tomorrow or next week, it is a transition that has a lot of elements to cover… but I’m happy that we are on the way of that.
Gloria al bravo Pueblo.

Thank you for a very honest view from the inside. It is illuminating to hear the views from real people, not just corporate newspapers who twist even basic facts.
Stays strong my friend, I have no idea how everything will work out, I just hope that more lives do not have to be lost in the process.

Totally uninformed

fulltimebot8 to 54.....?

Greetings from Venezuela

Look forward to reading some inside perspectives on this .. the U.S have been stirring the pot for many years, and sadly that shows no sign of abating :(

Congrats on the multiple downvotes...you have been blessed by the empire loyalists!

Well you know my friend, you're a nobody until you're blessed by empire loyalists .. so I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the club! .. I would say an exclusive club, but these guys have been busy .. and I do admire a can do hard work ethic. :D

Very busy indeed:P:P:P Thanks for accepting my application!

All about the oil bro, all about the corporate control.

Russia gets f/d over also, as they get paid with oil for lending them money.

I hope you realise that 'some' of these comments from these so-called ordinary Venezuelans, are nothing of the sort and is just another misinformation campaign made specifically for the blockchain with fake spamming accounts that also run a downvoting ring on anything that opposes their exact point of view. There has been a ring of anti-maduro/pro regime change accounts that support a US led coup on steemit for a while now. Yesterday they flagged a post from @tlavagabond with multiple accounts and they have now started to delegate larger amounts of steem from blocktrades to continue this campaign on an increasing scale.

They are basically bullshit artists and spammers/scammers supported by groups that want to take over Venezuela (empire loyalists). Maduro is completely irrelevant in this entire debacle - the only relevant issue is, who and how will Venezuela be taken over.

I wrote two posts on this ring of sock puppets and named some of the accounts that I discovered on my own, as did @v4vapid from his own investigations.

@bifilarcoil thoughts?


Yes, I have read the posts, yes I am aware, though this is a chance for me to leave on the block, what you think, what bif thinks, what everyone else thinks, and it seems to be going well. Thank you.

I'm going to leave the comments to those from inside the country as you suggested, but just wanted to add that for some context for anyone visiting...

Btw, I thought you went on holidays as I haven't seen a post from you in weeks. Turns out, that so-called steemit bug unfollowed you from my list. Not only that, but now all the names are not in alphabetical order any more - just to make it a hassle to find people lol.

O is that 'bug' all of a sudden back again??

I had that last time the flags where flying... will need to have a look at that as well...

No I have a different bug to deal with now.

What the fuck is going on here?

This is what I was referring to. These people are desperate to only have their point of view heard to influence opinion and at the same time silence any opposition or different view to their own script. Even though I barely offered a direct opinion on the situation over there, they seem to be very agitated and unfriendly towards me and others for offering to promote their work lol. They even downvoted my comment in siftys latest post that has nothing to do with politics.

Well this post certainly has brought a lot of raw emotions to the table and sides.

There you go, have a look at all the flags....gang rape

Nice one! I'd seen activity on CJ's post that looked like a multi-pronged, almost trollish attack. I'll maybe take a look at your and Vapid's posts on this. Thanks!

Now have a look at all the flags on the comments!

Well the history begin with the Sao Paulo Forum, it was organized by the work's parties and the link side of lationoamerica and caribean Island, and the name was taken for the first city that organized it. The fact of the meeting was the change of strategy, take the power with vote, like Hugo Chavez, Lula Da Silva, even Kicchner, they will support each other, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in Columbia. When Hugo Chavez won the election the Country was tired with 49 years of bipartidism, corruption, the people voted for a change. Chavez change the constitution with the article 333 and reelection, even when Chanvez was alive it was not a democracy he used to control every power in the country, he did a army for for protect him. the last election did not count with the recognition of the international community, in fact as Venezuelan I can tell you that I get tired of voting against Chavez and Maduro, but there is a computerized vote, they cheat because the same government counts the votes. The last power that was elected was the national assembly in 2015, where it could not make the trap got very few votes, and Maduro made a parallel National Assembly, called the National Constituent Assembly, then has a country kidnapped. I have witnessed torture, death and arbitrary detention just for writing a tweet that the government did not agree with. Returning to Article 333 of the constitution, any person has the right to restore the Republic, what if it catches my attention is that now if you have the international support you have, it seems the world divided in cold war. There are many internal and external factors, a lot at stake. Juan Guaidó was sworn in as president and good if you have to remove the government from power, if you check the accounts of those who called themselves socialists have their accounts in tax havens, not only for oil but also for drug trafficking. What will happen, I do not know, but if I tell you that socio-economic data do not lie, how many died due to lack of medicine and food, silence is complicity.

I was going to spend some time reading up on it but from what I have read before pretty much reinforces what you are saying. One phrase I heard on it last night was this wasn't about democracy vs socialism, what this is about is democratic democracy vs dictatorial democracy. I don't know if that made a whole lot of sense but I thought it helped to understand this isn't just about socialism, in some countries socialism thrives but not when you have a dictatorship.

It is a dictatorship disguised as democracy, I wrote a post with my feelings about that. It was frustrating vote almost 20 years and the goverment change the result. Only the first election in 1998 was real. But the fact in that moment is that the project fail, poverty and hunger are the greatest indicators. It has also been a project orchestrated from Cuba by the Castros brothers, seeing that it was easier to come to power as a trojan horse and to install itself indefinitely as Evo Morales, and the case of Chavez and Maduro.

Another fascinating insight into a country I can not get to visit at the moment, thank you for the honest reply.
The information we get outside the country is conflicting to say the very least, half of the world seemed to be extolling the virtues of socialist Venezuela including the UK with Jeremy Corbin until not very long ago, though it seems to be changing now, and I only noted Russia and China not agreeing with the new president, the rest of the world seems more willing, if it is any comfort or of any long term help, I have no idea as yet. Stay strong my friend. And thank you for the reply.

Tnak you very mucho, there a lot of interest of of Russia and China, they have business with Maduro goverment a lot of oil debts.

Yes I have read about the repayments in oil to both of the above.

How much money do they get per gallon? And how much gallons are being shipped?

Lots, though China always seems to get theirs on time, the same can not be said for Russia.

Venezuela has struck oil-for-loans deals with China and Russia, and those countries together have lent Venezuela at least $50 billion in exchange for promised oil and fuel deliveries.


I just learned something thats interesting:

Lastly, Venezuela won't default on its debt because "many high-ranking government officials and their associates are bondholders," said Moya-Ocampos of IHS, who noted it's "not too common" for high-ranking officials to own their country's debt.

but there is a computerized vote, they cheat because the same government counts the votes

False, audits show that consistent votes

Greetings from Venezuela

But you know that the CNE count the votes, even the dead people vote. But the thought are free, welcome to the liberty of expresion. Greatings from Venezuela too :D

Hola, es discutible lo que indicas. Por lo menos en la pagina del CNE puedes verificar la lista de los votantes. Y en la misma pagina puede ver los resultados porcentual de los votos de cada mesa electoral.

Yo trabaje dos veces en las mesas electorales, es muy dificil trampear los votos. En las auditoria de las papeletas también se comprueba que lo transmitido corresponde con lo contado en la urna.

En mi opinión lo unico de ventaja que tiene el oficialismo son la prebendas que usa el gobierno, osea los bonos de la patria en momentos electorales etc.

Te invito a que leas estos articulos muy interesante sobre venezuela



Now I need to know your take, from the inside, as to what on earth is going down in Venezuela with two supposed presidents?

Well @shepz1, I suspect you could get an impartial and very accurate insight of our political situation in Venezuela if you care to read thoroughly this recent post of mine.

And yes, I am someone who actually lives in Vzla and is witnessing what is going on here very close.

Like I said, I do not know enough about it to comment.

In regards the quotes you've selected in your post about that Craig Murray's article. I would like to add this one below (in spanish) for further consideration to really ponder what's currently going on in Vzla.


Cheers!! :)

Hey @shepz1! more wood to the bonfire!!

¡Check it out! };)

Well buddies. My last post with what I believe is important data you should know to decipher with major accuracy what's going on in Vzla has been downvoted by that lame little army of trolls to the degree of affecting its visibility.

So, one more time, I'll invite you to read it. Since I believe it's worth your time. And if you think your eventual upvote and resteem would help to recover the visibility of the article, please go ahead!!

Cheers!! :)


I wish I could freely give you my opinion, but these days I have heard of many who are in prison for similar things. I hope you can draw your conclusions from that. I only hope that what happened in Syria will not be repeated in my country.

I am angered now, that you do not even have the freedom to speak, wow, just wow.

VPN, and a new steemit account :) @jesusjacr

The government there shit themselves about 10 years or more ago and people start to flew away since then to other parts of Latin America or Spain, not everyone has what it takes to escape (mostly liquidity or contacts) or the courage to make such a decision when things get ugly, abuse of power, necessity and subsistence are the norms, violence and uncertainty in no man's land, is about to explode or implode, if it has not already done so, they have relied on regimes such as Cuban or Chinese, with a touch of elitist narco-state, also with the help of barter due to the large quantities of raw materials that this part of the world has and I have nothing against the sale of narcotics and such, but I think that hypocrisy has gone far enough, all governments are a hotbed of corruption, not just this one, and we have to be very careful because when this people get too far we start to see candidates from the contrary and extreme political currents to resurface because people get tired of lies and prefer some honesty even if it has traces of madness as seen in other places, it's also true that this entire region was for a long time the backyard of US imperialism, and that isn't easily forgotten, the sanctions imposed by the self-proclaimed policemen of the world also hurt but when you take away from a person the authority to do whatever he wants with the fruits of his work, he stops having ambition, aspirations, goals or dreams.
As you said we've got the proof via the USA that government is not required, just those who sell themselves may would required it.
I don't know what else to say, but it's like someone who speaks the language from a distance sees it, the prize doesn't worry me, there are those who want and need more than me, it's just to give my point of view, I think we have to wait and see what the people who suffer this politics want.
Aguante venezuela!

What a fantastic reply, worthy of a post that my friend, thank you.

What a fantastic
Reply, worthy of a post
That my friend, thank you.

                 - shepz1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I detect a witty bot.

Thanks to you brother, I may consider it but I think that today politics has become the polytheistic religions of yesteryear, contrary to what many people think, seeing is not believing, when you see, there is no need to believe, but to see or feel something doesn't mean that we understand it, just as corporations need clients, politicians need affiliates, targets are quite similar, we haven't been able yet to finish with the sectarization of ideas, and I wish we could do it, I am cultivating my courage and patience in case some day it can be carried out.

With regard to the current political system, I would say it was outdated after the end of the industrial revolution, it simply has no purpose to survive now. All it does is slow everything down with endless self serving bureaucracy.

Be gone with the lot of them for my money. :-)

I've made a post trying to make your offer more visible in the hispanic speaking community.
Let's see if we can get some more information about this mess.

Nice one, above and beyond the call of duty, likes ya style.

cheers my friend :)

with a touch of elitist narco-state

Narco state are Colombia and the US

Greetings from Venezuela

Sounds crazy over there I hope we get someone from Venezuela to give us a great insight to what is happening. And my mum mentioned about the USA gov shutdown the other day and I said they should just shutdown every gov around the world. She said you might be right maybe it would be better. Mum's getting it :-) Have fun tinkering with the bike.

Big thumbs up to mom from me. :-)

Thanks I will pass it in to her :)

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legend! I think the older generation know its fucked up but they had to be raised with "just shut up and get to work, we won the war so all is fine and dandy" but since this thing called internet and the younger people speaking up, they see it that they can also unreviel anarchist tendancys they had since all along lol :)

All true mate :)

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A coup involves guns and troops. Juan Guaidó has done nothing but inspire the Venezuelan people with his words. If anything, Maduro is the illegitimate president due to the little support he receives.

Maduro already has a posse of Russian contractors protecting him and his regime. The Communist elites are losing control in Venezuela it seems and won't give it up without a fight.

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro

ps. I just found this prophetic video today which explains nicely what is currently going on in Venezuela:

Maduro like Erdogan in Turkey seems to think he is a dictator.
Would the world be as interested though, if they were not sitting on a massive supply of oil?......

Maduro owes Russia billions of $ also, and pays with oil, so I know why the Russians are keen to see him stay in power, or they default on repayments, and Russia becomes even more in debt. I shall check the video out now. Cheers.

And that's the game the Rockefellers want to play.
Put russia in the corner... but putin probably will be like

You mean Putin will pull that noneplussed "Putin" face.


Maduro is the illegitimate president due to the little support he receives.

No he's not @fulltimegeek. There is still a long way to run yet to point up with certainty where illegitimacy really resides. Please, take your time and read my comment here at the bottom of this post. ;)

A coup can be a coup without troops and guns.
Ever heard of a soft coup?
That hat several faces in itself.
And maybe Venezuela now added a new face to it.

The Netherlands had an ultra-soft-coup.
Fortuyn got killed, Herben (a fan plane spotter) took his place, Lockheed sold Joint Strike Fighters, the secret service got 're-organized' and rolled out the surveillance agenda... And that's only the start... We are still in the middle of that shit. Still paying for the crappy JSF, still more surveillance, more BS lobby crap.

Hmmmnnnnn...Venezuela sounds a lot like America these days, and the UK, and Sweeden, and France, and, and...shall I go on??? Socialism at it's finest, where the 'few' continue to rule by force and deception, laughing all the way to the bank with their booty...

Can not disagree with that statement my friend. :-)

...it would be great to also read from non-white Venezuelans; but I guess they are too under-privileged to be on steem.
From what I've heard the white people are against Maduro, because he is cutting their privileges, whilst the rather poor natives/indigenes are quite happy with Maduro...
Still: Just a view from the outside.

That is all we have, a view from afar.

Venezuela really facing struggles very scary condition of economic situation,

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Indeed they are, thanks for the comment.

buenas tardes mi amigo @shepz1 lo que ocurre en mi país Venezuela me da la impresión de un circo más tanto de la yamada oposición y de los chavistas ¿Que porque lo digo? Facil no es un secreto que la oposición lleva años tratando de encontrar la manera de salir del chavismo pero todo lo que han intentado hasta el sol hoy a sido una cagada porque siempre los chavistas los dejan como payasos y no es que me agrade ofenderlos no es que estoy sumamente molesta decepcionada de este tire y encoje que a tenido al pueblo sufriendo por la falta de cojones de esta gente realizan sus actividades y llaman a la calle para apoyar sus
propuestas y resulta que con un soplo el gobierno los desploma y los deja de una sin nada porque vuelvo y digo si el pueblo te apoya y según todo lo que ase la asamble y la oposición son propuestas echas dentro del marco legal y se encuentran en la constitución de Venezuela porque todo lo que han intentado no les a funcionado ni les funcionara esto no se arregla si no es luchando con ganas no matan doce entre ellos mismos que ya están más que divididos desde a se mucho para lograr lo que Venezuela salga adelante hay luchar unidos y con mucha fe. Los chavistas jamas dejaran el poder porque están viviendo de todo lo que le an robado lo estan acavando todas esas personas que lamentablemente también son VENEZOLANOS en su mayoría están corruptos podridos en ambición y poder han acabado con las riquezas de mi país dejando lo en la miseria y en una lamentable situación critica.
Que quien es Juan Guaido no se ni de donde lo sacaron yo soy venezolana vivo en el estado Falcón y te juro que este fulano nunca lo a vía conocido ni oído nombrar a hora no se como a ca estamos casi sin informacion porque hasta los medios estan registringidos y limitados para dar informacion en resumen estamos tan desesperados que no me importa quien sea el que venga lo único que deseamos los venezolanos es salir de esta desgracia que se llama !NICOLAS MADURO ! es muy duro ver sufrir a tu familia y ver como mueren tus amigos y familiares por falta de comida y de medicina ver como mi madre que pesaba 82 kilos esta pesando 44 kilos y a si muchos otras personas no solo estan con hambre si no mucha impotencia a Venezuela nos toca reconstruirla como nueva porque la podrida corrupción y la falta de conciencia de muchos en el país nos a dejado muy destruidos pero por ese dios que todos los días nos acompaña que de esta nos levantaremos porque a si somos luchadores .

te juro que lo iba a leer con seriedad hasta que lei: " yamada". +

"Que quien es Juan Guaido no se ni de donde lo sacaron yo soy venezolana vivo en el estado Falcón y te juro que este fulano nunca lo a vía conocido ni oído nombrar" GOOGLE ES GRATIS USALO.

amiga gracias por su opinión y por su critica no me molesta en lo absoluto usted es libre de tomarlo tal cual lo vea respecto a Juan Guaido no e dicho nada más que la verdad yo BELKYS MARIN nacida en Coro estado Falcón en 1976 tengo 43 años viviendo en Falcón esta persona no lo a vía oído nombrar hasta a se poco pero total esa es mi opinión muy humilde y sencilla respecto a la critica por la palabra "yamada" no soy perfecto ni lo quiero ser me a toca aprender muchas cosas a un que usted no lo crea no todos nacemos con la inteligencia de otros a mi me a tocado muy duro y difícil pero le doy gracias a dios por permitirme aprender y también porque a pesar de todo no me burlo de nadie si no que trato de mantenerme con los
pies sobre la tierra muchas gracias por su burla la tomare en cuenta para no repetirlo en lo personal con otra personas fijate amiga usted es Venezolana como yo y de tantas personas que han leído estos comentarios tenias que ser tu otra venezolana quien me me criticara que bien te felicito gracias y dios te bendiga que tengas buen día .

Hola paisana yo tambien soy de falcón. Santa Ana de Coro. No comparto tu opinión, pero igual se le respeta. Saludos.

No seas tan dura vale, fue un simple error ortografico......

When I hear President Nicolas mature in his threatening speeches against the government of the United States, I think he will be supported by Russia and China to threaten in that way, because I assure you that the United States would only need 5 minutes to bomb Venezuela and they would not even notice.

And through my mind pass the memories of the Bolivarian militia, those who are training to face the US army of an invasion, hahaha, I laughed because I was a Venezuelan Air Force military for 19 years and I know that the United States in less than 5 minutes Venezuela disappeared completely.


Observe how it would be a confrontation between the Venezuelan military and the United States hahaha this picture would be great for a real meme!

Now if Nicolas mature decides to use force to remove the diplomatic corps from the United States, from Venezuela I assure you that the response of the United States will be forceful, and I will see the top Venezuelan military officials running from our country.

You think that when Maduro falls he will give you the opportunity to escape, he will be imprisoned, or the same future of Saddam Hussein awaits him.


I can tell you that I live in the city that has most defended this country against the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro San cristóbal, but now people do not want to go out because the government has the armed groups to the metras killing people who barely look out the window is sad but I think that if we do not receive international help, we will not get out of this crisis and we will be a country as equal as Cuba, where everything will be controlled by the government, well more than what it already does, and if not , then we will die of hunger little by little.

Be carefull what you wish for. When Maduro gets replaced by a CIA trained, foreign oil-backed puppet on a string dictator. Will Venezuela be better off then?
Or will Venezuela be raped by the new master?

the same song over and over again

Let that blast trough the valves for a few minutes to chase the evil spirits out of town

Don’t know enough to comment on any particular side but I’m gonna read your take on it now .

I have been researching how much they owe to Russia, and the way they repay it with oil. It looks like a coup by the west to me, to try to put into power someone that will default on the repayments, and hand the oil business there over to the west, especially the USA.
Anything that puts more economic woes and pressure on Russia seems to be popular strategy.

I know you love in Poland and may have a somewhat negative view on Russia but on a world wide scale sometimes I think Russia is the lesser of two evils

I have far from a negative view with regards to Russia, the Polish on the other hand, they do have a very negative view of Russia and for good reasons.

Having seen Russia restore democracy in Syria, I have nothing but a positive view with regards to them. So there you go, that is my view.

Russia didn't go into Syria with an intent to restore democracy. Russian went in there at the request of Obama to help Assad ward off ISIS in the part of the country he controlled. The US was already on one side the issue and fighting ISIS they couldn't be on both. So Russia made a deal with Obama that the US lift the word nuclear off sanctions when it came to nuclear medicine, which Russia was in bad need of for the nuclear medicine industry and he'd go in and protect Assad from ISIS infiltrating while he was busy fighting the opposition in his country. Russia was also instrumental to the US in locating ISIS leaders. Rumors poured out of Syria of Russia taking soldiers from ISIS up into the mountains and torturing the crap out of them until they got the information they wanted. Those are only things that Russia could get away with but it worked. The reason we are even still involved is because of a natural gas line that would have run through Syria then on wards to Europe, which would have gave Russia more control over the natural gas supply into Europe, which no one was happy about because Putin had a nasty habit of shutting down supplies to get hike increases if need be. Syria had a choice between plan a and plan b. They choose to go along with a proposed route through Iran and other countries into Europe, the other through Saudi Arabia and other countries into Europe. Now they've developed a plan to run the line through Israel and other countries to get to Europe and that's basically why they are withdrawing. They no longer fear having Russia involved holding Europe hostage to their gas supply.

Russia were invited to Syria, the USA was not, the USA is instrumental in funding terrorists there against Assad, the same can not be said with regards to Russia, the pipeline deal is pure fiction as Russia agreed and signed/sealed a deal for a pipeline via Turkish waters. Russia had a military base in Syria before this even started and needed to protect said base, as unlike the USA, they do not have them all over the world.
Europe has never been held hostage to gas via Russia as even Merkel pointed out to Trump, live on TV when he made the mistake of saying the same, I will quote her reply "the gas industry is private property not government owned, we as governments can not tell the free market who to buy or who to not buy from" Of course that angered Trump, his own ignorance forced him to have to put even more sanctions on Russia, which is simply economic warfare, that will end when the $ ceases to be the world reserve currency in the not to distant future. Lets be honest here, if there was no resources in Syria, the USA would not have touched it with a barge pole.

Let's be honest here the US was holding the valuable real estate in Syria, the rest of it was junk, if they had wanted it they'd kept it.

Russia was involved in Syria then they withdrew when it seemed Assad was getting a upper hand on the rebellion. Then things turned concerning ISIS and the infiltration of them into Syria, whereas Russia, the US and Syria all worked together to contain the threat. You will find plenty of headlines to that effect. This was never about Russia going to go up against US forces in defense of Syria for Assad...that never happened. Basically they are like a bunch of babysitters between the warring factions...the object was to remove ISIS (regardless of the debate of how they sprung up), that objective according to Trump has been achieved...now the question is whose the winner? Assad won against the opposition, every war someone has to be the loser, according to Trump we don't need to be there, we don't get to pick the winner.

perfect, correct in everything

Did you watch the last video, it is hilarious.

Yeah it was creepy as fuck 😂😂😂

Precious lol. :-)

Watch this video. I’m Irish so Brexit is bad for us . This guy make sure some great points. Didn’t you see James Dysom the prominent Brexiteer is moving giant headquarters to singapore. 😂😂.

Yes I read he was doing that yesterday. All they need next is Boris Johnson to move back to his native New York and and Wetherspoons to move abroad and bingo, all the leavers left lol.

I wish I had an inside view but I am watching from afar like you.

I love using the blockchain to gather legitimate perspective and opinion from folks on the ground there.

Looking forward to see the conversation that happens in comments.

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Me also, I want the view from the people there, on the ground, it speaks volumes more than any mainstream press garbage we could read, cheers my friend.

I see that nearly half or more of new steemians are writing in Spanish :)

Change a hastag to venezulan or what every is used most, and lets see whats happening! Great way to get some news hahahahh :)

Sorted now. :-)

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It really has me indignant is that a year ago, the Spanish-speaking community was very active, and was mostly Venezuelan. Now that the SBD has no high value, my Venezuelan brothers no longer use steemit in the same massive way as before. Steemit is an excellent way to get the information, because in my country censorship is constant, and I regret that they did not use their blog to transmit information about Venezuela. Obviously not all, there were their excesses, but I expected more massive support.

In my last post I explain the situation in Venezuela in 2 minutes or less ...

Thank you, I shall take a look see.

Oh. My prayer is everything to return good back in Venezuela as the nation is facing a lot of struggles if I must

Here is hoping.

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