Death by ownership

in #politics2 years ago

(Humanist virus infecting a young woman.)

In order to continue healthcare operations, hospital technicians, with the connivance of their employers, have chosen to defy established US laws governing intellectual property rights. Rather than waiting for the manufacturers and their representative regional dealerships, who own the intellectual property of the software governing these medical devises, to process these devises, hospitals have chosen to hack the software and repair these malfunctioning medical devises themselves. How will the US judicial bureaucracy resolve this crisis of mass civil disobedience? It is almost certain that the medical devise manufacturers will be demanding legal enforcement by the US judiciary and restitution from the various hospitals that have intentionally violated their intellectual property rights. The healthcare industry that has experienced near exhaustion of their resources in responding to the current pandemic will not be able to tolerate the added financial shock to their system. Perhaps, the collapse of private hospitals, and consequent collapse of private medical industry, will finally provide impetus for the US to nationalise its inefficient private healthcare model and join the rest of the civilised world.

It is altogether fitting that the cornerstone of Western capitalism, “rights” to private property, will doom the economic infrastructure of its most prominent nation. Property “rights” can not exist without the assumption of the humanist “individual” who exist in the vacuum of history, community, society, and tradition. Only the humanist, divorced from his environment and circumstance of being, would imagine himself as existing apart from the rest of creation. Thus, the humanist gives no thought regarding the ludicrous belief system, in which man “owns” land that he did not create, creatures that he did not quicken, and minerals that he did not place. Worst of all, the modern humanist even lays claim to ideas built upon generations of thoughts preceding him to the dawn of consciousness. To any sane man, the concept of “intellectual property rights” belongs in the same category as paranoid schizophrenia; a condition of mental instability and defect. Yet, to the Western capitalist mindset, delusions of idea ownership has become one of the “self-evident” truths, in defense of which the most prominent Western power voluntarily engaged in economic warfare against the most prominent Eastern power, in a mutual economic suicide.

Intellectual property at best is a Western delusion born of narcissism, at worst is a Western scam to continue its colonial policies towards the “developing” world. How many economic opportunities were thwarted in the unfortunate “developing” world because they could not afford the necessary tribute to the Western corporations that happen to legally “own” ideas? Not only ideas, the Western scam of “intellectual property rights” extend towards owning genetic materials of seeds, and thereby effectively owning the rights to use these crops. The human race is not in danger of dying from an infection of the body, but rather the human race faces extinction from the sickness of its soul. The virulent and highly toxic humanist ideas regarding private ownership, individual “freedoms,” and innumerable entitlements redefined as “rights” are crippling man’s progress and his ability to live on this planet.