multiple accounts perhaps and I don’t give a shit about you. If they are done with their negative auto downvote, I’ll move on. Otherwise it’s time to harass people who provide nothing to society.

says the right winger, when is the last time a capitalist worked a 60 hour work week in a sweatshop?

in case you forgot the definition of profit is the difference between how much something sells for and what the laborers are paid. The basis of capitalism is exploitation by those who provide nothing for society, the owners only define themselves relative to capital and capital relative to the workers. In other words the ruling class is fungible and provide nothing to society, while the workers are the opposite

I don’t argue with idiots like yourself; I employ them so that they can complain about how bad their life is while they buy nike made by third worlders and while they sip on their starbucks. Go fuck yourself


It's a rare spectacle to see someone 'cut through bullishit', quicker than me!

what negative auto downvote lmao I don't see anything