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RE: North Korea; Communism or Tyranny

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America is being unreasonable with North Korea. It is a fact of History that once a nation gets nuclear weapons they will never give them up. The best proof is America itself. A North Korean diplomat gave a interesting speech recently where he said that North Korea is willing to give up their nuclear weapons if America did so first. Now maybe he really was serious or maybe he just said it as a verbal weapon vs the USA. But he wasn't wrong. Why should one country that not only has such weapons but has killed tens of thousands with them be able to lecture anybody about such weapons. No other nuclear armed nation has ever used these weapons in a war scenario except the USA. In many ways today it is the weapon that one cannot use. Once the nuclear weapons are used in a war in a modern warfare scenario it will immediately unleash a counter attack of massive proportions against the one who fired the first shot. It's called MAD aka mutually assured destruction. Except that with North Korea vs USA that destruction will be very one sided. The USA will wipe the North off the map of this Earth. There won't be much left to call a country. Scortched Earth, zombie looking people with skin hanging off their bones, shadows of the dead burnt into the ground. Maybe Kim can hit Guam, maybe. He can hit South Korea for sure but that isn't US soil. Only if he can hit US soil can he claim to play with the big boys. Surely as time progresses the North Korean capablities will improve. All they need is some modern submarines and the gap is instantly closed. Regardless it's time for the North and the South to make peace. The USA should step aside and allow reconciliation. South Korea needs to make up it's mind whether it wants a permanent enemy or a future friend and brother in a friendly Korean peninsula, a process which may even lead to some type of reunification. I suspect that reunification would end similarly as between East and West Germany. Freedom is non-negotiable.


I think North Korea noticed that peace with their brother country, South Korea is their best bet, the ongoing Olympic is a good move for reconciliation

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