Dictator Donald Trump Tells American Corporations To Leave China And Come Back To America

in #politics2 years ago

"Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA."

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My thoughts on this news

I thought the Republican party was all about the free market and small government, so why is Trump using his government power and threatening corporations not to participate in the global free market...? LOL, it is pretty clear Trump is losing his mind as most of his tweets are becoming more and more incoherent day by day. His trade war with China has been a complete failure which has hurt the American people more than helped. So now he thinks he can just order American corporations to come back home and hire Americans, well it is a bit too late for that. First you have to ask yourself , why did those American corporations go to China in the first place, this exodus started in the early 1970's and has continued since. The wealthy Americans who own these corporations decided the leave America and move their corporations to a Communist country, run by an oligarchy, rather than stay in America. The reason for this is simple, they did not want to pay American workers a living wage when they could pay Chinese workers slave wages to do the same job and ship the products back to America to sell them. This is nothing more than just simple greed, the rich wanted to get richer and decided to fuck over the American workers by eliminating their jobs in America and creating those same jobs in China for a fraction of the labor cost. This has been happening for the last 40+ years and no crazy tweets by Trump will undo the massive wealth inequality this has created. If you want to create jobs for Americans the US government needs to start heavily taxing the rich to get the money back they have been stealing for the last 40+ years by exploiting cheap labor in foreign countries and leaving American workers with jobs that do no even pay enough to pay for their living expenses.


well problem if you make those products more nationalized, they will be too expensive and the average person would not be able to afford anything of it

Good bye to your five dollar rolls of paper towels at walmart, will be at cost at 25. take it or leave it

Costs are all relative to the place where you live, if 40 years ago politicians in America did not allow the corporate owners to move their corporations to exploit cheap labor of foreign countries, the costs of products would be relative to the wages of the workers where those products are produced.

To clarify, I am not a nationalist, I would prefer to live in a world where we all use one global currency and there are no borders, that way there would be no trade/currency wars and no exploitation of workers in countries where there is cheap labor.

Huh, in my world, the store brand is always cheaper, not 5 times as expensive. What world are you in?

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