Mueller Testifies In Front Of Congress, Says His Report Did NOT Exonerate Trump

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Mueller’s now well-known legal conclusions were (1) that he had insufficient evidence to charge a conspiracy between any members of the Trump campaign and the Russian government and (2) that DOJ policy prevented him from making a charging decision about a sitting president so he would simply lay out his evidence for 10 potential instances of obstruction of justice by the President. The report suggests, and Mueller’s testimony yesterday made clear, that there is an important interplay between the government’s inability to charge a conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

More info in the article

My thoughts on this news

Overall Mueller's testimony did not reveal anything new, he did not answer most questions and mostly just reiterated what was already in his report. To me he seemed like, just a tired old man that was ready for his government career to be over. However he clearly stated that his report did not exonerate Trump and that Trump did obstruct justice, he also said that after Trump leaves office he can be charged with a crime. During many hours of testimony this is probably one of the better exchanges.

Another exchange about exoneration

Basically just like Mueller's report his testimony proves that Trump and his administration and nothing more than liars and criminals, and rich oligarchy that think they are above the law. The only resolution for this is for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings, otherwise future politicians will all be above the law and the American Constitution will only apply the the common people and not the oligarchy.


i would have to see the whole news thanks for sharing that


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