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RE: A world of chaos = we all get cash from chaos = if? Venezuela - SPEAK UP PLEASE.

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I was going to spend some time reading up on it but from what I have read before pretty much reinforces what you are saying. One phrase I heard on it last night was this wasn't about democracy vs socialism, what this is about is democratic democracy vs dictatorial democracy. I don't know if that made a whole lot of sense but I thought it helped to understand this isn't just about socialism, in some countries socialism thrives but not when you have a dictatorship.


It is a dictatorship disguised as democracy, I wrote a post with my feelings about that. It was frustrating vote almost 20 years and the goverment change the result. Only the first election in 1998 was real. But the fact in that moment is that the project fail, poverty and hunger are the greatest indicators. It has also been a project orchestrated from Cuba by the Castros brothers, seeing that it was easier to come to power as a trojan horse and to install itself indefinitely as Evo Morales, and the case of Chavez and Maduro.

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