Tucker Carlson - How Did We Get Here?

in #politics3 years ago

Tucker Carlson asked how it became normal for two parts of the country to despise each other. I wondered if he watches his own show, so I edited together some relevant clips from one episode as a video response. Too bad he'll probably never see it...

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God, his dumb fucking face... Yeah, this guy is among the most divisive on television without a doubt.

@telos for the most part mainstream media has done nothing but fuel the fire. I hope with incentivized blogging like steemit these old news agency's will no longer be needed in the future.


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It's really mostly Fox News though, and honestly these "independent" blogs are often even worse. Say what you want about CNN, but they aren't blatantly programming people to hate the other side.

Its very interesting to see which establishments with TVs for guest common areas play Fox vs CNN vs Bloomberg, etc. Every Ford dealer I have visited has Fox on, with one exception that had an "independent" local conservative newscast. Banks, restaurants, and other businesses show content that is much more neutral. In San Diego, there is a large military population, and I've witnessed uniformed service members asking for Fox news to be turned off entirely, preferring sports or general entertainment.

Interesting that service people are requesting Fox to be turned off, since they tend to lean Republican...

Calling @originalworks :)
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