The reason why we are doomed to live in socialism

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One does not have to be a very insightful observer to realize that modern societies are heading towards socialism, with states growing increasingly and becoming much more totalitarian than they already are, encompassing all aspects of people's lives and achieving a kind of omnipresence from which no one can escape, but what we usually ignore is the reason why this is so, for some time I believed it was so because the people who are ruling, behind the politicians, are actively pushing a socialist agenda to have complete control over society, and although I still believe this is one of the reasons, the truth is that it seems to me that, just because of the way modern states are constituted, we are already condemned to address increasingly socialist societies.

I mean, you just have to look at the parliament, which is a body made up of hundreds of people who work all year round with the only purpose of growing the State, with a power that is solely in charge of making more laws and giving it more competences to the State and with no organism directed to counteract it taking away powers and faculties from it, it is inevitable that it will become bigger and bigger. This generates an imbalance, and makes the State, regardless of the politicians in power, have their sights set on growing and becoming, little by little, a socialist State, whether it be nationalist (nazism) or internationalist (marxism/communism).

That is the next logical step for modern nation states, and it is what will inevitably happen if people remain passive observers of their own destinies, submissively agreeing to be mere toys of a greater power that reigns over their heads, and so it will be unless something is done, the State by nature is responsible for taking away freedoms from people to guarantee their a pretended security, this means that the State will continue to reduce people's freedoms until they do something, because otherwise nothing will change, it is in the nature of all things grow and reproduce, the State will continue to grow until someone stops this process, and that someone must necessarily be the people, that is to say, the politicians will not change anything because it is not beneficial to them, any reduction in the size of the State is a reduction in its power, and therefore, a loss for them. We cannot expect the water to run up the hill, as they say, the change cannot be from top to bottom, but must be the opposite.

We are moving in the wrong direction, we are heading towards a dead end and when we get there we will undoubtedly have to go back to get out of there and not get stuck, I would like to say that the path society is taking is surprising, but the reality is that it's not, the truth is that most of the countries of the world already live in a kind of more or less covert socialism, what will happen in the future, if we do nothing to change it, it is the increase of everything that we currently have.

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