Vidéos marquantes 2019-11 1 de 2 (EN)

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Voici un palmarès des vidéos anglophones qui m'ont marquées et que j'ai écoutées dans la première moitiée du mois de Novembre.

Thèmes principaux

  • Censure
  • Actualité
  • Racisme
  • Féminisme
  • Immigration
  • Socio-Politique
  • Cryptomonnaies & Économie


Think Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself? Here’s Why You’re Definitely WRONG

AwakenWithJP (7m25s)

Youtube Is OVER, New Terms Will Ban Channels For No Reason Or For Not Being "Commercially Viable"

Tim Pool (13m48s)

This Is The REAL YouTube Change That Is Far Bigger Than The New Rules!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (15m16s)

Facebook Has SUSPENDED Me For Reporting on CIA Whistleblower Calling It "Crime Activity"

Tim Pool (23m55s)

Youtube And Facebook CENSORED My Content On CIA Whistleblower, My Video And Others Are BLOCKED

Tim Pool (17m58s)

VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had Clinton, We had Everything"

James O'Keefe - Project Veritas (7m36s)

EXCLUSIVE: New Leaked Epstein Audio Interview!

Steven Crowder & James O'Keefe - Louder with Crowder (35m30s)


Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (19m45s)

Leaked Audio Of ABC News Sparks Cry Of Epstein COVER UP, Story Implicates MORE Journalists

Tim Pool (26m19s)

CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio

Stefan Molyneux (15m04s)

Twitter Gave a MASSIVE Gift To Trump Banning Politics Ads, Democrats Cheer Their Own Demise

Tim Pool (16m44s)

This Is How Far The MSM Went To Keep You In The Dark On A Giant Global Scandal

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (15m57s)

LBRY... Its Like Youtube But Without the CIA, NSA and Government Controls and Censorship

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (29m16s)


Michael Bloomberg EXPOSED! Elite Connections Your Not Suppose To Know About

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (16m14s)

Google Is Evil, STEALING MILLIONS Of People's Health Records

Tim Pool (12m08s)

Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Trump May Have RIGHT About Corruption The Whole Time

Tim Pool (29m22s)


It Started In Paris France, The Next Big Step Is Going To Happen Tomorrow!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m23s)

Democrats Have LOST FAITH In Impeachment, Majority Now Believe Trump Will WIN And They Will FAIL

Tim Pool (24m03s)

Impeachment Hearing BACKFIRES On Democrats Potentially Proving Trump Right, Even CNN Notes Problems

Tim Pool (29m02s)

2019 Shibuya Halloween: Nightmare Fuel for the Church of Woke

Black pigeon Speaks (10m57s)

The Real Reason Why Hillary Hasn't Given Up on 2020

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m46s)

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Buddies With Bezos?! America Takes The Oil

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (18m11s)

Can This Nanny State Get Any Crazier?! Was There Just A Major COUP In Bolivia?

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (11m48s)


Values Matter. Race Doesn't.

Antonia Okafor - PragerU (6m22s)

RACIST Professor EXPOSED At WSU in Anti-White Rant

Lauren Chen #100 (17m38s)


"Let Wives CHEAT!" Says FEMINIST Author

Lauren Chen #101 (16m16s)


Bernie Wants To ABOLISH ICE Now Too??! Absurd Flip Flop From When He REJECTED Open Borders

Tim Pool (13m11s)

Migrants ABANDON Asylum Claims After New Trump Policy "Remain in Mexico"

Tim Pool (16m06s)


CAESARISM: The Decline of the West

Black Pigeon Speaks (14m19s)

I'm NOT eating bugs.

Paul Joseph Wastson (7m39s)

CANADA: The Post-National MEME with NO FUTURE?

Black Pigeon Speaks (8m59s)

PORN: Is it REALLY a Bad Habit?

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (18m40s)


Black Pigeon Speaks (12m19s)

Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Peth Hegseth - PragerU (5m17s)

The Candace Owens Show: Sebastian Gorka

Candance Owens & Sebastian Gorka - PragerU (41m57s)

The Candace Owens Show: Burgess Owens

Candance Owens & Burgess Owens - PragerU (49m16s)

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars


Millennials Are SICK In More Ways Than One! And They’re Making Boomers Look Healthy!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (17m50s)

Leftists Have Declared MEME WAR on Donald Trump, Call For MORE Woke Outrage But In MEME Form

Tim Pool (24m00s)

Professor Who Fled Soviet Communism RESIGNS Saying College Is Becoming COMMUNIST

Tim Pool (21m07s)


Steven Crowder & Gavin McInnes - Louder with Crowder (69m14s)

Pack it In Boys, Media Declares No Nut November FAR RIGHT And Anti Semitic

Tim Pool (15m23s)

This Is How My Polish Family Actually Defeated The Communists!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (11m45s)

PATRIOT HERO: Don Cherry's Top 5 Epic Moments!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (13m05s)

Cryptomonnaies & Économie

Rafael LaVerde interviews Monero and Monerujo Dev, Diego Salazar

Rafael LaVerde & Diego Salazar - The Crypto Vigilante (TCV) (22m47s)

The Vigilante's View on Gold, Crypto, Manipulation, Health and Wealth

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) (36m49s)

Cryptopulco Stage at Anarchapulco 2019

Dr Daniel Kim - Anarchapulco (41m39s)

Tax Slavery and The Great Scam of Democracy

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) (45m56s)

Monero Is The Second Coming of Bitcoin

Rafael LaVerde & Jeff Berwick - The Crypto Vigilante (TCV) (86m08s)

Rethinking the Dollar, Fake Demoncracy and Surviving and Prospering From The Collapse

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) (50m35s)

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