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We all now have doubts about this "technical" recurrent flag.
All of the sudden, deposits & withdrawals are regularly suspended for a currency or another.

I don't want to troll at all but it appears more & more clearly that Poloniex abuses, taking this position to prevent capital flights. This becomes particularly apparent for Bitshares.

Let's take a look at these snapshots that were taken at the same time.
(Polo is UTC time. Bittrex is UTC+2 because I'm living in central EU.)

Bts polo.png
bts bittrex.png
As you can see on the charts, the price for Bitshares at the time runs around 4800 satoshis while on Bittrex the price runs around 5400 satoshis. There is a significant spread here for some reasons. Note that the warning flag is displayed.

Now look at the charts a few hours later...

Bts2 Polo.jpg
bts2 bit.png

The price on Poloniex is recovering to 5000 satoshis closer to the Bittrex price which is also around 5000 satoshis. Looks like magic candles. Flag is not anymore displayed, the "technical issue" is resolved.

It may still be a coincidence. I don't want to blame Poloniex, I'm just asking guys.



I would advise against anyone keeping their funds/coins on Polo. And I say that as a big fan of their platform and a previous user.

Oh really ? To wait more than 30 days when you want to withdraw its profits? I do not agree at all Read my review below all is said. But you have the right to leave your money at home there is no problem. But that people know that if they want to withdraw them it will be necessary to wait weeks and not especially hope a response of the support after 13 days my ticket has never had answers.

I'm fine about funds storage but worried by exchange mishmash

It starts to make a lot of problems all this. Damage to them. For me what's on is that Poloniex is over I do not have time to play with them 😉😊

Deleted. posted 2 times

Ya. I read your post. I miss something.. "waiting approuval" means they have not yet received your email confirmation. As soon as they get it, status mentions "pending" right?, looks like they're still awaiting for you?!



When we have an error like this, we have to wait for the response of the support and this answer puts minimum 1 month to arrive.

Il m'est arrivé un truc comme ça 1 fois. Peut-être que c'est ton cas:.
J'utilise 2 navigateurs dont 1 est configuré par défaut. Si je fais un withdraw sur le navigateur qui n'est pas par défaut, au moment de confirmer le mail, il 'ouvre l'autre et là c'est mort.

Du moins il faut copier le lien du mail dans le navigateur avec lequel tu as fais ta demande et le mettre dans la page de Polo qui signale l'envoi du mail de confirmation. C'est ça le plus important.

Ce qui me fait penser que ca semble venir de ton coté c'est parce que tu es en "waiting approuval"..

Merci beaucoup d avoir pris le temps de repondre à mon post c super sympa. Et bien perso j ai toujours fais le retrait via mon pc et validé via mon mobile et je n ai jamais eu de problème. Jusqu à ces deux retraits là en fait. Ca ne me derange pas plus que ça car je sais qu il finiront par traiter ma demande mais 1 mois c est vraiment trop et ça je ne peux pas en faire abstraction. Heureusement que j utilise plusieurs plateformes pr mes trades car si tout mes fonds auraient ete sur Polo je serais bien embêtée à l heure qu il est 😥

You can't trade Steem or SBD on Bittrex either so it's bigger than just Poloniex's normal sucking

What do you mean by "bigger" ?.. Something related against Dex?

Could be an issue with the blockchain if all the exchanges are freezing the trading of Steem and SBD

At the time, dep/wth were ok on Bittrex. Look at Vcash.. Same settings, same time..
xvc polo.png
xvc bit.png

I have been telling everybody for a while not to send Poloniex any more. They abuse too much! It's really a shame on their part. I think Polonia is about to sink because users like me will never want to go through them again to make exchanges. They run into bankruptcy! I initialized a withdrawal on July 31 and until today no response from the support and of course I still have not received anything. There are people who have found themselves with their funds blocked for more than a month this is really a scandal this story. Look my last post https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@planetenamek/warning-do-not-send-any-funds-on-poloniex

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