Meanwhile, In the Land of the Free...Poloniex ends "Risky" Practices (aka Fear of Government)

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You can read their latest blog post HERE.

“As part of our effort to continuously professionalize and improve Poloniex, we are delisting several assets and taking steps to remove our margin and lending products for US-based customers.”

Poloniex is aiming to comply with regulations from our Overlords in Washington DC (and I'm sure future regulations) as they integrate with their Circle Fintech App (Goldman Sachs). Additionally, Poloniex also delisted three more assets, Synereo (AMP), Expanse, (EXP), and Gnosis (GNO) which I'm sure they see as "securities" of some sort.

All 3 of these tokens are down 10-15% right now. You have until October 10th to get your trades in and then 30 days later before withdraws are suspended.

Not everyone was impressed with the way that Poloniex (now run by bankers, I'd get your crypto out while you can) is handling this...

Dude...It has nothing to do with how good your product is and everything to due with the fact the SEC deems you to be in one box or another.

I can't wait until we get multiple decentralized exchanges with deeper liquidity like the Binance-DEX and EOS-Finex as this will make it infinitely harder for the bankers to compete with Free Market Forces.


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