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The exchange is like connecting to a traditional market. It is very much an investment platform for everyone. It also provides the facility of exchanging one crypto to another crypto as well as with fiat. For those of you who are familiar with using any centralized stocks exchange, going about Poloniex should not be very hard

There are so many exchanges in the crypto field, the competition has seen a lot to increase, and as a result, it seems that trading fees have become very competitive.

Although the definition of the best exchange is very much determined by the needs and priorities of the users, the general definition of the best exchange is closely related to the said exchange fees that are said to be competitive, better liquidity, and has a large selection of assets as well as in crypto pairs, its security includes crypto withdrawals that are very competitive with cost. Also, teh trading fees should also be on par with some of the popular crypto exchanges out there.

Poloniex hits the right notes in all these arears. This is why I have been using this platform for a whole week now.

In this post, I will also introduce the poloniex platform to all investors which functions as this well-known trading platform.

About Poloniex

Poloniex is one of the oldest exchange platforms, because poloniex has been created since 2014, but until now poloniex has become one of the safest exchanges for investors, this proves that there has never been anything negative or cheating on the part of poloniex, because of the security strength of poloniex This is one of the advantages that remain strong today.

One of the best exchange facilities on poloniex called the pioneers of poloniex, can lower the barrier to entry and allow users to pass at the first level using only ID and password and does not require full name and address details.

Users at level one can withdraw up to $ 10000 per day.

Poloniex Customer Support

Poloniex has such a far reach when compared to bad customers, which is what made the decision to stop using it personally.

With poor support, this is a huge problem for the crypto world.

Withdrawal Issues

Withdrawal problems on poloniex a lot of users ask about this which they do on the exchange, and not a few users have made withdrawals and are waiting for approval for a long time even though there are many accounts with good performance,

Even though a new account can make withdrawals, that is a very difficult limit to raise above $ 2,000 per day.

Therefore, the use of poloniex can be very problematic. The customer support do not provide reliable solutions. Therefore making my decision about Poloniex a little skeptical.


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