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The ease of swapping crypto coins, sufficient liquidity and the speed of transactions are the 3 major elements that make decentralized transactions attractive. When those elements are missing, it becomes hard for the average cryptocurrency trader to maximize opportunities in the market.

Poolz DeFi wants to open up more market opportunities in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry via its dedicated swapping protocol. This will assumably be the first time that a decentralized swapping protocol is coming up with more options that will be for the good of the broader Decentralized Finance (DeFi) community.

In this article, I will walk you through the strategic processes that Poolz DeFi is pushing for an organized ecosystem for decentralized transactions.

Poolz DeFi is committed to the cause of creating a Layer-3 protocol that resolves most of the issues in the traditional cryptocurrency swapping protocols.
When those challenges are addressed, cryptocurrency traders and DeFi investors alike will have unrestricted access to their favourite crypto assets.

To achieve that, Poolz DeFi will be delegating the following measures:



The existence of problems in the traditional cryptocurrency swapping ecosystem is because the current swapping protocols aren’t as effective as they should be.

That informs the reason why Poolz DeFi is launching what will become the first 3-layer swapping protocol.
On the one hand, the Layer-3 protocol will cut off intermediary access by fostering peer transactions.

Second, liquidity problems will be a thing of the past because viable crypto projects can now be discovered in real-time thanks to the unified interface. Through the interface, project owners can instantly launch and manage their projects for faster discoverability on the platform.

Third and most important, the Poolz DeFi Layer-3 protocol will be of great help to new crypto projects/assets. As you may have known, investors always shy away from new crypto projects because they are not always ready to take the risk with their volatile nature.

With the launch of the Poolz DeFi ecosystem, new crypto projects/assets will be favoured the most because early-stage investors can seamlessly leverage the platform to fund the projects and make massive gains in the end.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) instruments and crypto assets are gaining more traction by the day partly because they bolster the foundation of cryptocurrencies and mainly because investors are willing to invest in such assets.

As it stands now, the DeFi industry is worth trillions of dollars. But, that is not where the excitement lies. The excitement lies in the fact that the industry can grow the more in the coming years only if there are plans in place for that.

One of the major ways of repositioning the DeFi industry for more opportunities is to promote cross-chain transactions/interoperability, the security of assets, and sufficient liquidity.

Poolz DeFi ensures that all those are in place via the unified Layer-3 protocol that bootstraps liquidity, fosters cross-chain transactions for secured pre-listing liquidity auctions and decentralization.


Poolz DeFi understands the pains in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and it is committed to remodelling the industry for more opportunities.
You can be a part of this burgeoning swapping protocol that is poised to democratize the distribution of wealth in a decentralized system.

Website: https://poolzdefi.com/
LitePaper: https://docs.poolzdefi.com/whitepaper/litepaper
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