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Hello to all photography lovers!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants of this contest because the level was excellent!
You were 18 participants for this first [50 SBD TO WIN] / 7 DAYS 🖼 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 🖼, I was so happy to discover your works!

Here is the winner of this Day #2 who will be selected for the final and also the 5 other participants whose work was very good! I voted all your blogs and I invite you to participate in the remaining 5 days! I can not wait to see your work! 🙌
The competition is difficult because I repeat, the quality of your photos exceeds my expectations! I think that it will not be the last contest of this kind that I will organize ... ^^.

➌ Each user has 1 entry per day that will be valid for the challenge. Small reminder: So those who posted several photos, I do not disqualify you but I select the first photo automatically =).


Next frame from fresh classy fashion photoshoot. Amazing style combined with geometrical architectural lines. Natural light only. Low shooting point for quite unusual view

Enjoy the beauty!

Model: @publicumaurora

Category Portrait/Fashion
Camera Canon 1Dx / Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 / Natural Light

All photos are for sale in HQ digital format for Steem/SBD, please contact if interested
at steemit.chat @axeman / discord axeman#3904
only #originalcontent / #originalworks

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If any questions regarding photography settings/conditions, please comment


2: @abnep

This photo was captured during my visit to Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal. These two little cuties were playing, So I thought to capture their moments. But as soon as they saw the camera they stopped and ran behind their mother(probably). But I managed to take this photo on my request to them. They were very shy but too cute. The visit is memorable just for their moments.

3: @pradeepdee6

Want to be the same after all the Odds
The picture was taken in my downtime when getting up early is a pain and running for a day which you already know its not for you.
Against all odds and despite all the obstacles, am I going to make it ?

It took time to realize the odds of you are the same as 2 millions around you, looking for the brighter side. realize the direction you were looking was at the sunset.

The quote inspired

"When yous top chasing the wrong things, you give the right thing a chance to chase you " - Lolly Daskal

Here is my entry for Day 2 in #portrait-photocontest 7 DAYS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl

4: @maquemali

We created this shot, when my first born turned THREE!
He was busy playing with his car, while I was busy too snapping. Oh! How he hates it when he suddenly see me pulling my cellphone out. He does not want to be disturb. hehehe... Mommy, no more camera please! That is what he always say. And I always asked him to sweetie please look at the camera, it took several minutes before he did so and when he finally did. CLICK!

Why do you look so serious here squirt!... were you that mad that I cannot stop taking pictures of you?? Dont blame me, I'm just your mother!..

Subject: First Born
Camera: Samsung Galaxy J7

5: @suitcasemama

Hello! This is my SECOND entry for the portrait photography hosted by @flamingirl. Thank you so much @flamingirl for running the contest and featuring me for day one!

If you're interested in joining, you can find the announcement for her contest here or check out my feed, I've resteemed her post.

Kadayawan Festival Parade - Davao City, Philippines

For this entry I'll take you back to the festival I highlighted in my last post called Kadayawan. There are many activities going on during the parade, but I am more drawn to the face, and the reaction of the individual rather than trying to capture the whole scene from a distance. And some of my favorite subjects are kids! Here's

Congratulations @axeman, @abnep, @pradeepdee6, @maquemali, @suitcasemama and Thank you to all participants!!!

See you soon for the DAY #3 of the 7 DAYS 🖼 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 🖼


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Congrats to all the winners and @axemen, great photo.
Thanks a lot @flamingirl Feels good I made it to top 5 of the day :)

You're welcome @pradeepdee6, you deserved it =D

May i knew please, if the first day and second day i m not participate, can i join the next day please @flamingirl?

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"• It's possible to join the contest at any time."

Please, tchek the rules of the contest here:

Thank you 😊

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Great shots!!! Congratz to @axeman, @abnep, @pradeepdee6, @maquemali Amazing work!!!

very welcome! I have 2 more coming ;)

Thank you! And congrtaz to all!

congrats to @axeman, great shot! also @abnep, @pradeepdee6, and @maquemali well done!

thanks so much for featuring my photo again @flamingirl and thanks for running such a fun contest!!

Thank you very much. Nice click

Thank you.

You're welcome my dear @suitcasemama!
continue like this, work is very good too <3

Congratulations to the winners! Great photos!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

Thanks for them my dear friend <3

✌️congratulation to all the winners🔥 amazing photos 🍀

Thanks for them my dear @marjanko =D

I want to join. Can you give me latest contest info? Is it possible? Me interested.

"• It's possible to join the contest at any time."

Please, tchek the rules of the contest here:

Little bit confuse about paper prove lines. Me street photographer. I post only my photo. My all portraits are containing street people. I use my mail address into my photo for copyright issue.

If you are a photographer, you have the photos saved in your camera, the original unedited for example so it's not a problem to put a proof in your entry =). This is to avoid fraud because there are many Steemit and I do not want to reward stolen photos so the only way is the proof that your photo belongs to you. Thanks for your understanding.

I agree with you. Thanks for helpful reply.

I submitted photo. here, i am new. I don't know it's ok or not. Hope it's ok. Thanks for helpful tips.

Hi @flamingirl. I'm sure I should not be a professional photographer to participate. But if I wonder if I'm still in time to compete even if I have not done the first two days. I just met with this fantastic contest.

Hi my friend! No problem =D

"• It's possible to join the contest at any time."

Please, check the rules of the contest here:

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Thank you for this contest. I will try mine.

uff man you are really very well you have find out so fine potrait they really deserve this

Thanks for them my friend =D