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@leotrap is judging this round of the #portraitcontest and the Theme is"Sepia Tone" Portraits!!!
You have until TOMORROW NIGHT at midnight to get your entries in steemit!!!

Here are a few re-edited in sepia tone shots of Kail from our latest shoot!! Stick around and you might see more of her soon!!




First shot here was taken with my 70-200 at 154mm. The second 2 are both shot with my Sigma Art 50mm

@portraitcontest is now the official home of my #portraitcontest!!! GO FOLLOW THAT ACCOUNT FOR ANY AND ALL UPDATES, ANNOUNCMENTS and WINNERS POSTS!!!


Natural beauty.

I'll make sure she sees this ;)

Waooo,,, beautiful hot photography

Very nice sweet shot. I love it

What a Beautiful photography

Cute hot pic . I like him and resteem this

Lovely girl

Hey how are you my friend. I want to know how be apply for the guest judge position in portrait contest?

Sure! Are you on steemit chat or discord?!

Yes i have discord

Cool I’m jasonrussell#3670 on there!

Request sent