Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions of Week 94!!!


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OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY: @crimsonclad and @ngc!!!

1st Place - 10 STEEM
2nd Place - 5 STEEM
3rd Place - 3 STEEM

HONORABLE MENTIONS will receive 0.50 STEEM!!!!!

Guest judges will now receive 5 STEEM for judging the contest! Please contact me if you are interested in judging!!

You may enter as many times as you would like but only the best will be considered!!! Also please only enter your original work as a photographer or subject in the photo!! I will be checking for original work!


Use #portraitcontest as one of your tags

Paste your contest entry into Yesterday's announcement post!

That's IT!

(It has come to my attention that the use of mobile apps doesn't allow your entries to be viewed in a central location, so please leave your entry in the comments!)

"Black and White"

@axeman was the Judge!!

3rd place


2nd place


1st place


Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order)





Here are last weeks winners!

#PortraitContest is a Weekly photography contest!!!! And the current weeks theme is "Water"!!

All future #portraitcontest posts will be created from!! Use the #creativecoin tag to get CCC TOKENS!

HUGE thank you @samsiedenstrang for making the logos for the #portraitcontest!!


Thanks my friend!

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Aweosome top 3, thanks <3

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Thank you! Wow third place!
Congratulations to the first and second photographer and of course to all the other participants!

Congrats for you too!

Wow, thaks a lot.
Ijust see it now,
I am really happy with the 1st place. Even more cause all the pictures in this contest are amazing.
So, again, thank you very much.
And congrats to all photographers that show us this amazing content.

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