HIVE Portrait Photography Contest Week 3 - Valentine Portrait

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Gratitude for the opportunity to partake in this initiative by @portraitcontest. It is my second time in the contest and though i didnt win any of the rewards, it was a win for me as i enjoyed so many awesome portraits which lightened my mood. That is why i chose to contest again this time in the weeek three. I will be submitting more than one portrait with the hope of taking the first position. This is a great time for you to spend you resources sharpening your photography skills whiles we wait around for the novel corona virus to be purged from the society.

Valentine Portrait


Camera Settings
Camera: Canon 6D
Lens : 50 mm f 1.8
Exposure : 1/100s
Iso : 400
Date Taken: 07/02/2019

To every picture there is a story, whether a great one or a very dull one. Valentine marks a very special day in the life of every woman who is in a relationship as it is a time most people show love in different forms. Its the second birthday of every lady as they get a special treat from the man they are in love with. The reason which only St. Valentine can determine as to why we should celebrate women around that day.
Love is indeed a nice thing to celebrate.

You can participate in this contest by following the instructions posted by @portraitcontest here Best of luck in this contest.