The Library - A silent link between us all

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The Photo was captured using dual exposure functions in the camera. The photo depicts the idea of a library as constant in time, and readers are passing by. We are all connected in some sense, we read the same books and sit in the same chairs and we share the same knowledge through libraries. The reader on the picture looks like a ghost and acts as inconstant object. The Library, constant in time, connects us all.

Library portrait by @zorang

SettingsISO 2500 55mm f/4 1/320 sec
Camera Nikon D7100
Lens Nikon AF-S 55-200mm VR f/4-5.6G ED
LocationLocal library

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#philosophy #portrait


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Library, the biggest treasure in my opinion! I like your photo and how you managed to express the meaning behind it.

Thanks @mandalaflower I won 1st place with this picture on content "My library" at Požega regarding to "World Book Day" which is today 23.4 So, happy Worlds Book Day!!! :D

Congratulation! You deserved it!

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