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RE: Why Am I Still Here? Initiative

in #posh9 months ago

I was going to participate and then saw the twitter share requirement again. Your obsession with twitter is amazing. :)

I have been here for Steem not Tweets. One of these days I may have to start tweeting. Not today.


Fair enough. Steem does not have a centralized marketing team. So it is up to us to promote Steem to outsiders. I think Twitter is a good place because of "Crypto Twitter" and how easy it is to market Steem there vs. other places. TBH, Twitter may be the only place you can actually get some good marketing done without being banned/removed like Reddit or FB.

I understand that. One if these days your posts and contests will turn me into an active twitter user. When that happens, I can’t guarantee I will continue using steem. :)

You won't have to worry about that, Twitter won't be relevant in 5 years. ;)

Your bullishness is inspirational

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