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RE: Why Am I Still Here? Initiative

in #posh9 months ago (edited)

Steem incentivises communities, however, money alone is obviously not what kept a lot of you here.

Well, I suspect Steem not necessarily incentivises 'communities' as such. But rather 'communications' no matter if these are big or small.

However the very important thing here on Steem, apparently is the fact to mingle with alike people who have at least a minimum of gray matter left in their brains where hopefully is swimming a blink of logic, reasoning, eloquence, coherence, common sense and eventually wisdom to pull and put all those previous ingredients together for a healthy & rational consumption.

Yeah! by fortune, the Steem blockchain already counts with a good bunch of those remarkable chefs. :)

Oh! forgot to tell. Yeah, let's see if later I can come up with something half 'coherent' to post which could qualify with the rules of this new initiative.



Great point, will edit that in.

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