Positive Affirmations: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY


I believe I can fly...
Even though my wings be torn and broken.
I believe I can touch the sky...
Even though the demons in he'll be thrown open.
I believe I can soar...
To the point where my eyes can't reach
But my mind can conceive.
I believe in the infinite power within me...
Even when the cares of the world press upon me.
I believe in the beautiful radiance of my soul...
Even though my body be weak, worn and weary.
I believe I can climb...
Even though the stairway be filled with
Thorns and thistles.
I believe in the destination...
Though I trod a road that be steep
With a sight that is blurry.
I believe in love...
Even though men walk with daggers
And ride on dragons.
I believe in the goodness of the next man,
Even though he be painted black.
I believe in the love of home,
Even if there be no roof above my head.
That impossible best describes those that are dead.

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