Why you should start pole dancing!

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Although pole dancing becomes more and more known as a sport or a great body work-out. I find that there is still a taboo about it, probably because of the history of pole dancing in strip clubs. Therefore, as a pole dancer/pole dance instructor, I’d like to tell you why pole dancing is so great! If you are a man, don’t worry or be ashamed, you can still read this post because pole dancing is also for men!   

So this is me doing a move called ‘The Iron X’.   

A bit about the taboo.
People often joke when they hear I do pole dancing. And after they laughed they make jokes about stripping and that my boyfriend must be one hell of a lucky guy. I understand where pole dancing might came from but it has changed so much! There are all different styles nowadays. There is also pole fitness, although, I believe it is still a bit different than pole dancing. (At least, in the Netherlands where I live). I prefer pole dancing instead of pole fitness because pole dancing is not only about the sporty moves (as in pole fitness) but also about elegance and flow. You can create such nice choreographies by dancing in and around a pole. It is such a shame that there are still surprisingly a lot of people thinking that pole dancing is sort of vulgar and tacky. Of course it is okay to have your own opinion, I just want you to realize where your opinion is based on :) (and it is often not on reality). Finally, I must say that within the different styles of pole dancing, it for some styles common to wear high heels and short clothing. That still does not mean that those pole dancers are strippers. They are often quite great! I personally do not identify with that style. I used to be a gymnast and I like the pole dance style in which you show flexibility, elegance and strength.  Without the heels (although, it is way more difficult to do the same moves in those heels so a bit of respect is in place for those who do that haha). So, I like to share my passion with you!   

So, why do pole dancers wear so little clothing?
Well, to be able to stick to the pole, you’ll need your skin. I’ve noticed that there is an upcoming trend of long sticky leggings in which you can pole dance. I have not tried it yet but I still believe that my own skin is the best to pole dance with because you can feel all movements and know when you are losing your grip. However, I don’t think it is really necessary to pole dance in a mini bikini.. Seems like too less for me, but hey, if that person feels comfortable in it, then it’s their own choiceJ. I feel comfortable in just the basics like a normal sports bra and decent shorts :)  

Why you should be pole dancing   

This is also me, I don't know what the move is called. I didn't feel comfortable doing this in my normal pole dance clothes but with some effort I managed to do it like this for the photo haha. (But I would not recommend it with the leggings on).

1. Get in great shape. Pole dance is a full body work-out. By pole dancing you use a lot of muscles all over your body without actually needing to do anything for it other than have fun. All muscles I have are functional so I am also quite strong. It feels great to get in shape and to be able to do certain things like lifting yourself vertically (as in the Iron X on the first picture).    

2. Feel confident. By feeling you are (or getting) in great shape it gives you so much confidence! Especially when getting if from something that is really fun to do. At least it did for me and I want you to have that same feeling. Even though others didn’t always knew I was pole dancing, it still felt great a sort of a little secret of mine haha.    

3. Socialize with others who share your passion. As a pole dancer you are never alone! The Studio where I train and teach is a place where all sorts of people come to pole dance. Yes, even men! Pole dancing is for everyone and I can tell that from my own experience of meeting all kinds of people who pole dance. Professors/teachers at universities, stay-at-home moms, business women, students, lawyers, scientist, psychologists, farmers, you name it! So never feel like you are alone :)

4. Just be awesome! I think it is clear by now that I really love pole dancing haha. Just maybe try it out sometime and decide for yourself. Don’t think of all the bruises you are probably going to get. When you really want to perform a move, you will succeed! And the bruising is just worth it. You will feel proud of yourself when succeeding in an awesome pole trick and others will be happy for you too, at least I will!   

p.s. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and maybe you feel motivated and inspired to try it out! If you are interested in some pole dancers with all different styles then here are some of my favorites: 

Oona Kivelä --> very strong, quick and powerful.
Amy Hazel --> Very flexible, sporty and elegant at the same time.
Bendy Kates --> very very very flexible and she always has a nice flow.
Evgeny Greshilov --> he’s s strong men and does manly things.


Awesome, good article.

I am a man and I started pole dancing pretty much a year ago.
I got hooked straight away. I am a monkey. I was told I by many experts I evolved from one (:D) , so pole dancing is one of the ways I honour my ancestors.

It's fun. I love flying. I love spinning. I love I can express myself to music AND that I have freedom to do it my way (I love freedom). At least the instructor I had didn't discourage me from doing whatever I wanted to do.

So after 4 months I even took part in a pole show as part of the University Society (even though I was injured - some problem with hurting bones and tendons -so I practised my routine twice :D).

Here's a link if you want to see

I didn't pole dance for half a year now actually but I am constantly on the move (living a homeless lifestyle basically) and pole dancing can be really expensive. I would love to get back to it though as soon as I get a chance.

What was your first introduction to Pole dancing @boosje123 ? For me, it was one person I got to know that did it and telling me a man can join the classes, too. That's when I said, "Ok, I will give it a go". And I am glad I did :).

You did a great job! I like your enthusiasm :)
From when I was little I always did some type of sport. I have done gymnastics, horseback riding, rhythmic gymnastics and kick boxing. So flexibility, strength and elegance have always been in me. I felt I became too old for gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics (they were small clubs and after a certain period of time all the peers from my age were also leaving). I did basic fitness for a while but I got bored and wanted to beloong with a sports clubs again involving something atlethic such as gymnastics. I've heard about some colleagues of friends that they did a pole dance workshop and that is how I got the idea. So I found a place in town that not only gives workshops but also teaches for as long as you like. I also fel in love with it durig my first lesson! And after 4 years I was asked to also become an instructor, which I said happily yes to :)

Congratulations on being a teacher as well.

Yea, I think for people that are in essence, moving all their life it's a lot easier to start something new, like Pole dancing.
Though good thing about Pole dancing is that even if you have no background in anything you can still do some nice stuff anyway and it will build your strenght, flexibility, etc.
And it does seem to build self-esteem in the girls that are doing it.
For me, it had no effect on my self-esteem, heck, I would even say at times I might have felt worse :D.
Though it's still fun

Killin' it! love sharing the aerial space with men.

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You're doing good!

This is so beautifully written, and I connect to it on multiple levels. As a belly dancer, I get most of the same attitude you do. (Especially the "Oh your boyfriend is so lucky!") And just like belly dance, I wish more people learned that pole dance is an art, as well as a great workout.
More power to you! Stay passionate, and stay amazing. :) Much love from India.

I like how you fight with the stereotypes.
Have you ever tried acroyoga? I think if you rock the pole then this would be a piece of cake for you.

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