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RE: Why you should start pole dancing!

Awesome, good article.

I am a man and I started pole dancing pretty much a year ago.
I got hooked straight away. I am a monkey. I was told I by many experts I evolved from one (:D) , so pole dancing is one of the ways I honour my ancestors.

It's fun. I love flying. I love spinning. I love I can express myself to music AND that I have freedom to do it my way (I love freedom). At least the instructor I had didn't discourage me from doing whatever I wanted to do.

So after 4 months I even took part in a pole show as part of the University Society (even though I was injured - some problem with hurting bones and tendons -so I practised my routine twice :D).

Here's a link if you want to see

I didn't pole dance for half a year now actually but I am constantly on the move (living a homeless lifestyle basically) and pole dancing can be really expensive. I would love to get back to it though as soon as I get a chance.

What was your first introduction to Pole dancing @boosje123 ? For me, it was one person I got to know that did it and telling me a man can join the classes, too. That's when I said, "Ok, I will give it a go". And I am glad I did :).


You did a great job! I like your enthusiasm :)
From when I was little I always did some type of sport. I have done gymnastics, horseback riding, rhythmic gymnastics and kick boxing. So flexibility, strength and elegance have always been in me. I felt I became too old for gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics (they were small clubs and after a certain period of time all the peers from my age were also leaving). I did basic fitness for a while but I got bored and wanted to beloong with a sports clubs again involving something atlethic such as gymnastics. I've heard about some colleagues of friends that they did a pole dance workshop and that is how I got the idea. So I found a place in town that not only gives workshops but also teaches for as long as you like. I also fel in love with it durig my first lesson! And after 4 years I was asked to also become an instructor, which I said happily yes to :)

Congratulations on being a teacher as well.

Yea, I think for people that are in essence, moving all their life it's a lot easier to start something new, like Pole dancing.
Though good thing about Pole dancing is that even if you have no background in anything you can still do some nice stuff anyway and it will build your strenght, flexibility, etc.
And it does seem to build self-esteem in the girls that are doing it.
For me, it had no effect on my self-esteem, heck, I would even say at times I might have felt worse :D.
Though it's still fun

Killin' it! love sharing the aerial space with men.

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