Life After Steem

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My story, the steem requests? I won't cave to its demanding and needy ways so easily. Why should I? I mean sure, many months ago I'd have freely written my epic, posted an image, asked a socially unacceptable question or maybe just rambled about a whole Lotta nothing..

On the rare occasion someone might comment on my content i would have made it a point to respond thoughtfully and peep out their blog within a reasonable amount of time..

I enjoyed having an outlet where I could express myself without any filters or inhibitions. Icing on the creativity cake was interacting with other mostly stranded steem users.. I spent a great deal of time not only engaged with the blockchain, but I also painstakingly learned it's nuanced ins and obtrusive outs through an abusive, lonely trial and error process that offered no rewards for my diligence..

My experience was not for nought however, as I used the platform as a self immersion into technologies that were foreign to me previously. I often marveled at the potential of such a diverse ecosystem and the litany of assets within being floundered away by typical base level human drives. The same modes of operation many of us sought refuge from in real life on steem had tracked us down and had also infiltrated every nook and cranny of our online utopian vision..

We could have really built something great. At the very least, I had an outlet that inspired some sense of hope in humanity, and the pursuits of a noble, well intended life were being reaffirmed.
I suppose it was all too good to be true, which is ironic as it was actually never very good. It was simply what we made of it..

Before, I continue, do any of you here still remember when steem was exciting and had glimmers of hope?



After the dust has settled, in regards to the old guards leaving to create HIVE, there has been some glimmer of hope currently. Yes, the drama all but broke the spirit that at one time had brought us together. Some of us are still picking through the debris like post apocalyptic scavengers looking for those dented dusty cans of tuna/dolphin. Here and there a green sprout pokes through the neglected soil and reaches towards the sun.
I do remeber the times of hope previously.... I have replaced it with the hope of survival and perhaps total domination of the resources like a Mad Max movie plot.
Good to see ya sir.

Hey, great to see you're still here and up for mad maxin.. Poor dolphins, I feel for them the most... I don't do discord these days and scarcely have time for much of anything recreational...

I'll try to pop in here in the near future..

They used an ocean metaphor to describe steem quit a bit. Minnow this, dolphin that, whale, etc. I have been and always will be a shark. I don't stop. I eat and move. One reason the shark is the most successful creature in the ocean. After all the cute little squeaky fish have left... the shark still swims.

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