They need water, food, home!

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Title: They need water, food, home!

In this world, the rich will become richer every day, and the poor become poorer...

Look carefully at the two pictures below

source Image

Source Image

They work around the clock to provide water and food. They work together for a mouthful of food
Older children are still unaware and happy with their loved ones looking for income and livelihood...

Source Image

Poor children eat this food with a cock

2 Look at the image of the home of a rich kid and a poor child at the bottom. Look carefully at her

There is a huge difference

Source Image

The sister who keeps her little brother between the garbage and caresses

Source Image

Lack of food and adequate water
The bones out of the body

Yes, yes
They need our help
We need to help
And provide them with water and food and home
They need our help

Source Image

Source Image

Parents who shy away from the situation of their children

Source Image

A girl who has not found a better place than a cartoon

Yes, yes
Poverty kills
They need help with Maha
After all, any help from our hand will be done right now

Source Image

Source Image

They do not even sleep

Yes. They need our help.
They do not sleep. They go early in the morning to go for a living from a 1 year old child to their mother's parents, early in the morning hoping to get money and food and water. Most of them are sleeping in cartoons or between garbage. Do not have a home. They have no water, no food, no money. The class difference is very high. One lives in the palace, the villa and his modern home, one in the same way between the waste and the cartoons.

Parents who are ashamed of their children's situation. Their children are not educated and they do not have any education.
A girl who works out to night and has a father and mother who can move home and wait for their daughter's help.

What a bad thing to beg a girl for livelihood. It is so painful.
The most painful thing is that their parents and their children are dying due to lack of water, food and home.

Unfortunately, the world has not met them. Hope that poverty will be eradicated one day.
I donated $ 40 today. With the help of each other, we will eliminate poverty

Source Image

Make them happy with the flower branch
yes yes, Make them happy with the flower branch

Title: They need water, food, home!
I write with tears , the writer: @haji



very nice post

thanks bro ♥

ty bro
i love u

nice blog about poverty dear
carry on your activity

thank you

This post worths a million.
last week, I was walking home, suddenly I found myself walking kilometers in the very poor regions of Tehran. I saw people, kids, fathers, not living...there was no life there...
your post reminded me of that night

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