Market Friday - Shops and Vendors on the Beaches of Punta Cana

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There are many different ways people who live on the beaches of the Dominican Republic make their living. In this post I will share pictures of the flea markets and vendors who walk the beaches.

The local people are very innovative. Here's a man walking along with an entire clothing store on a rack.


And here's a guy hawking beach toys and sunglasses.


There are also many stand-up shops selling various services like parasailing.


One of the most common sites on the beaches here is young men walking along and approaching beach-goers with parrots, monkeys and iguanas on their shoulders. They will let you pose with these trained animals for a fee. I will be honest, I am not sure how I feel about it. But it's good that these kids have an honest living.








Needless to say, our group spent a little money supporting these businesses!

There are also large flea markets at both ends of the beach. We walked half an hour down the beach to the left one day and half an hour down the beach in the other direction another day to visit these shops. They immediately beckon you inside. "Come see! Come see! Cheapie cheapie. Discounts today for you." They always start high with their prices, and you have to talk them down. Everyone seems to enjoy this game.

The wares for sale in these shops include everything from beachwear and sunglasses to rum, coffee and local art. I found a nice little headband. Some of my friends bought beach towels, sunglasses and jewelry.





One of the gals in our group was invited to play the guitar.


Thank you so much for reading my Market Friday post! And a big thank-you hug to @dswigle for hosting #marketfriday.

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Those beaches look pretty good. Here in Mexico it is also common to see vendors of all kinds of things, also masseurs and people who weave the hair of tourists. I think we all have to earn our living anyway.

Yes, they seem like great businesses to me, and I was happy to support them. I also saw hair weavers and many vendors with silver and turqoise jewelry! Thank you for visiting, @mballesteros!

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