My Steem Story. By @lecumberre

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My Steem Story.



The word steem is a word that transformed my existence into daily events and simple facts which are part of the daily actions that constitute life.

But undoubtedly, this incidence has been, highly positive because I have experienced favorable changes in my projection as a poet, as a writer, as a musician and, the most important: as a human being, and I thank my dear God very much.

I clarify that on April 23, 2020, I am 66 years old.

Where my Steem Journey began.

Although it may seem strange, I do not know how my trip to Steem really began, and I entered without knowing because my dear son was in this network with the name of @psicologo, and noticing that I had characteristics to play a good role, he asked me data, and enrolled me.

He asked me to write a poem, and transcribe it on Facebook. I agreed. He also suggested to write short stories, and when I turned money, I already knew that it was a network that worked with results

Then he called me to propose to record my own songs to present them in a project called Steemit Open Mic. Every day wednesday we recorded a song that I had rehearsed the previous days. Generally they were my proper songs

We had many satisfactions.

My initial challenges and how I overcame them.

I did not imagine how this platform was. I thought you wrote, published ... and now
I was ready. But my son explained that he had to make poems and stories that could please other users.

As for the songs, it was difficult at first because my style was very different from what was seen in the participants, and I had to compose songs that I had to learn in 4 or 5 days, without paper or help.

The big problem came when my son left the network, because he was going to dedicate himself to his profession as a psychologist. I was disoriented and lost because I had no idea how it was published on steemit. Dscord was a big headache for me. But with will and determination, I assumed control of my publications.

I had to learn something that I never supposed I could do: publish poems with images, and videos.

I have overcome the mishaps, but I confess, sincerely, that stress is great when a hardfork is implemented, or there are temporary changes, as right now with the changes with the arrival of Mr. Justine Sun.

But I hope to get ahead.

My Steem blockchain knowledge.

Talking about blockchain is something that I don't completely master, but I can say that like any development, overcoming blockchain is very noticeable.

My Steem favourites.

In Steem I only have 2 fixed objectives: publish poems and songs and my stories.

My golden nugget advice.

My message or advice is not to leave the race because here the competition is not easy, and you have to face many obstacles every day, and depressing and disappointing are 2 fateful elements in the network path.

My Steem hood & its peeps.

In discord I have had fascinating experiences. I have shared my work with many good people, and every day I spend hours from room to room sharing friendship and opinions.

The competitions have always caught my attention, and I have won 3 awards for first place in poetry and a second place in poetry organized by @cervantes. This was 2 weeks after entering the network.

It was with a poem dedicated to cats.

I have been united to many communities and in all I have felt very well.

As for people, I have been linked to many, and I have received good support from whale planks, and I can mention friendships such as @lisfabian, @anamulhoque, @operahoser, @mariela53, @marcybetancourt, @belkisa758, @fermionico, @sayury, @fredrikaa, @lunaticpandora, @cervantes, @sancho.panza, @don.quijote, @simon.bolivar, @goya, @velazquez, @ramonycajal, @frida.kahlo, very constant has been @rocky1, @upmewhale and @appreciator .

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• My Steem blockchain knowledge
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• My Steem favourites
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• My golden nugget advice
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• My Steem hood & its peeps
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I invite: @sayury


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Very friendly. Thank you very much, @tipu

You certainly have had a very interesting journey! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us and for taking the time to be a part of this initiative :)


Thank you very much, beautiful Jaynie, very grateful to receive these words that reach the heart, to impregnate it with joy ... and pride. God bless you. Your new friend @lecumberre.

My pleasure :)


🎁 Hi @lecumberre! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @jaynie!

@jaynie wrote lately about: 101 Steem Stories! Feel free to follow @jaynie if you like it :)

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Thank u, Wonder. Succcess to you every moment. God bless you,

Muchas gracias, gentil Lisfabián.

Woo fue un duro comienzo, pero me alegra que hayas encontrado el camino! 👍

Sí, preciosa Ballesteros. No sabía ni cómo entrar a publicar, je, je. Gracias por el comentario.

Me emociona tu gesto de nombrarme es esta publicación. Pienso que los inicios fueron muy difíciles y confusos para muchos de nosotros. Un gran abrazo @lecumberre y todos los éxitos posibles

Agradezco tu constante y amable mención, maestro..! Duro cuando dejaste de recibir apoyo de tu hijo...Saludos!

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