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RE: "They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest


Thanks mate.

Our artistic and creative gifts are often genre specific. Every once in a while I try to draw something (never mind painting it). Inevitably, the drawings are so bad that one wonders if I haven't, in fact, stumbled ass-backwards into greatness. Perhaps ... I am a Surrealist Master.

Certainly, the drawings are surreal.

Some goodhearted soul always makes things worse by encouraging me to "try, try again." Some nonsense about "the journey." Sometimes you simply have to call a spade a spade and admit, "I suck."

Thankfully, and rather amazingly, everyone seems to get something. And THAT is what the Power House Creatives is, unapologetically, about. Finding people who are good at a thing ... and making them Great.

Steel sharpens steel.

When I write a poem, others are inspired to paint a picture, or compose a melody, or prepare a feast worthy of king. It doesn't matter the Art Form, it matters only that it's Art. The same thing that drove Shakespeare ... also drove Da Vinci and Beethoven.



Thank you for your thoughtful reply... I should reply with a painting maybe ;-)

The same thing that drove Shakespeare ... also drove Da Vinci and Beethoven

I completely agree with that. The creative force flows through all of us and we all have our own way, to transform it into something we can perceive with our senses. Even if its "just" my mother's cookies :-)