"The Dictator's Dash" / "La Carrera del Dictador" ... A Fundraiser For a Friend

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The Dictator’s Dash

Hitler and Stalin and Saddam Hussein,
Hairy were all of his heroes,
Inspired by models, he’d model their reigns,
Like them, became he Maduro.

He razor betook to master their look,
For MEN groom hair on their face,
Fidel’s would it cook hence beard he forsook,
But Dictator’s Dash he’d embrace.

But was it unwise to take up their guise,
With masters Maduro competes,
Murder and mayhem and countries’ demise,
Is moustache but shallow conceit?

It’s famine not face hair that leaves all appalled,
Mussolini and Mao … clean shaven and bald.


This is a verse-to-verse translation by Henrry Lazama (@hlezama) ... completed in less than 24 hours! Whales ... are you guys still wondering who you ought to curate?

La Carrera del Dictador

Hitler, y Stalin, y Saddam Hussein,
Todos sus héroes eran peludos
sus reinos inspiraron su modelo a seguir,
Como ellos, se volvió él, Maduro.

Él la afeitadora para imitar su apariencia tomó,
Porque los HOMBRES a sus bigotes le ponen hasta cera,
el look de Fidel descartado, así que la barba olvidó,
Pero convertirse en un Dictador abrazó como carrera.

Pero fue asumir su disfraz una imprudencia,
con verdaderos maestros Maduro compite,
La caída de países, asesinato y violencia
Es el bigote solo vanidad pa´l que lo imite?

Que vello facial, lo que espanta es la hambruna
Mao … afeitado; como la calva de Mussolini ninguna

Note: "The Dictator's Dash" is a Savagerean Sonnet (with minor modifications to the form). If you'd like to learn more about this poetic innovation, including its neurological basis, I explain it here.

Fathers of Daughters

Several weeks ago, I drove three hours to drop off my daughter at the University of Florida where she will be studying Biomedical Engineering. When we arrived, it was raining and we got soaked schlepping her stuff up to her dorm room. Her dorm room is a shoe box which she shares with three other girls. I was heartbroken by the separation, and alarmed by the impending austerity, as she has been the very purpose of my life for the past eighteen years. The ray of light amidst the black clouds was that she arrived at UF with USD $70,000 in merit scholarships (and there's likely more coming).

Of course, I am not alone in my gloomy predicament. There are countless other dads who have undergone the same thing: Having to let go of their precious princesses. 

Let me tell you about one of them.

I have a friend here on Steemit named Henrry Lazama (yes, two r's). Until recently, he was a university professor in Venezuela. He didn't resign after they stopped paying his salary, nor when the lights and air conditioning went out, nor when all the laboratory equipment started disappearing in the middle of the night. He did, however, resign when campus assassinations became commonplace.

Like me, Henrry is a literary nerd: Poetry; prose; satire; philosophy; politics; history; etc. Indeed, he is such a nerd that he actually understands what I write and is frequently kind enough to explain it to everyone else. The last time I wrote a satirical piece about Venezuela, Henrry translated it into Spanish, including, rather astonishingly, a verse-to-verse translation of the included poem. Verse-to-verse translation of poetry is the most difficult of linguistic feats. Inarguably, my good friend possesses one the blockchain's most gifted minds.  

A little more than a week ago, Henrry undertook a 29 hour bus trip to escort his elderly mother to his sister's residence on the other side of the country. The journey was a day-long ambush-waiting-to-happen but, as luck would have it, he managed to make it there and back without getting mugged or murdered by either the highwaymen or the police. Lawlessness and governmental corruption is pandemic. Despite the deplorable and dangerous conditions of the commute, the cost of the bus tickets was what the average Venezuelan makes in six months.

Upon return home, Henrry was almost immediately crippled by kidney stones. Kidney stones are hardly the type of malady one normally fears in the 21st Century, but in 21st Century Venezuela ... they can kill you. The pain was excruciating and the risk of infection, leading to sepsis, real. But in modern-day Venezuela, both pain medications and antibiotics are luxuries one procures privately or does without ... because hospitals have seen neither in months. One of Henrry's mates was able to obtain some pain meds with what little money he possessed. Tough choice that, though ... medication for a friend or starvation for oneself.  

You'd think Henrry might have earned a respite, right? 

Henrry has two daughters, both a couple of years younger than my own. I first encountered them last year just before Christmas. Henrry had won a poetry recitation contest I'd sponsored and with the 26 SBD prize money he was able to buy them Christmas gifts: Two pairs of glasses. They were ecstatic. You see, while the girls had inherited Henrry's fine mind, they'd also inherited his poor eyesight. As such, neither could read the writings of their own father.

Next week Henrry will be seeing off his daughters, just as I recently saw off mine. But instead of going off to university, the younger will be going to stay with her grandmother in a far away city while the eldest will be off to Brazil. Henrry's family, like so many others in Venezuela, is being torn apart in a desperate attempt to keep everyone from starving.

A Penny, a Pence or a Pound

100% of the proceeds of this post will be donated to Henrry and his family. In addition, I will make a donation and am hoping to inspire others to do likewise. 

Here's what you can do:

  1. Upvote this post at 100%;
  2. ReSteem, ReTweet & Share this post;
  3. If you know an Orca or a Whale, notify them of this post and ask them to participate;
  4. If you can spare a few bucks, make a donation to @hlezama. I will start off with the donation of all the liquid SBD in my wallet, about 15 SBD; and
  5. If you make a donation of at least USD $50.00, you'll Commission a Poem (explained below). 

$50.00 Donation Commissions a Poem

Donations to @hlezama of the equivalent of USD $50.00 or more (in STEEM/SBD) will constitute payment for a poem written by myself. You pick the subject matter and I'll write the words (I reserve the right to veto "inappropriate" subject matter ... my name goes on the bottom of the poem and I won't sully my reputation. If you're uncertain about appropriateness, you can DM me in advance: QuillFire#7038 on Discord).

Poems as Presents. In my almost 52 years of life, I have given a good many gifts. Without exception, the ones most appreciated have been Tribute Poems (which I print out and frame).

Most people have never been the subject of a poem and most never will. Tribute poems, as gifts, are singular in their distinction being, quite literally, one-of-a-kind. And, in a thousand years, long after most everything extant has been reduced to dust, somewhere in a dusty library or silicon database, the words will live on: Immortalizing an essence and providing testament that the world would have been a lesser place but for the fact of that person's existence.

This Christmas, the sum of $50.00 will be spent on countless millions of trinkets, many of which will not survive the year, and the receipt of which will be forgotten just as quickly. In my daughter's shoe box dorm room, she has but one decoration: A poem I wrote for her 16th birthday.

If you're not familiar with the quality and style of my poetry, scroll through my blog. There are countless poems written about a variety of subjects. 


All images are linked to source, are QuillFire originals or are modifications of images in the public domain. Videos and images may also be parodies of original works, therefore relying upon applicable exemptions from copyright. 

You guys know the QuillDrill. Be verbose ... but articulate.

And remember ...

Go Love a Starving Poet

For God's sake ... they're starving!


I am coming back tomorrow after I have done some homework of people to tag. It's the least I can do.


There is NO ONE I'd rather have my back than you. You are a warrior through and through.

Thanks Fiona.


Ok, so I am going out on a limb and tagging these people and given the cause, am not apologising for spamming:

@blocktrades, @bluemist, @whatsup, @ocd, @curie, @brittandjosie, @thedarkhorse, @howo, @frederikaa, @archange, @guiltyparties, @wesphilbin

If you can't help with donations, please simply upvote or resteem.

Many thanks.

Thanks for tagging me here. Think this is a very worthy cause.


Anyone who dares breathe a word about spamming will become the subject of their very own poem. And I'll make it a good one.



Fiona, I just made a comment on this post, a poem entitled, "Who Was That ...?" Poor Ol' Quill is having trouble remembering the name of a Whale. Perhaps you could help. Go have a look.



Ummm.... where's the link?


Sorted. Ignore this 🤦🏼‍♀️

Thank you @adsactly, for honoring your acronym and always being so supportive. Thanks @fionasfavorite, from the bottom of our hearts.

I have no words to express my gratitude, Quill, except, maybe, that you made us cry. After all the crap we've been through in the last days, including a horrible visit to Cumaná's central hospital last-night, with my step-daughter, who had a sudden pain--we feared might be appendicitis--and which left us so demoralized we had a hard time getting up in the morning (I'll find a way to show images of this hell they call hospital), generous gestures such as this help us regain hope in humanity.

This drastic realization we've had with these medical emergencies have shaken our souls. We are walking a tightrope, no net, and the roddens that make life-and-death decisions around and above us are nibbling the rope while they do "high diplomacy".

Today, we were also hit by a bad news regarding Vivian's Chilean Visa. It was denied. As you know, her aunt in Brazil had bought her tickets to go to Chile first (visit another aunt), stay five days, and then land in Brazil. The consular guys at the Chilean consulate in Puerto Ordaz judged my daughter's application suspicious and one in particular, Edgar Catoni, told her "hueles a inmigrante" (you smell like immigrant) and showed her the door before she was done packing all the documents they ignored.

She is devastated. She has not yet left the country and they managed to make her feel alien already.
It's been tough, but we'll see through this.
My wife is teasing me now about the fact that I started this comment saying "i had no words", well, what the hell, I guess it takes a rambling to find the words.
Blessings to you and your family, my friend and thanks to all the good people who make Steemit a welcoming place.

I have forwarded commission payment.... I think? I'm not sure, but I think the current exchange rate gets me across the line... just. otherwise I had better get posting and earning. I'm sure your humble bard will let me know if I am short.
He suggested a poem in honour of @azurejasper"s unwavering commitment to my continued existence. I now require him to do scholarly rigorous research into the topic that is @azurejasper and compose a masterpiece to compensate for my crappy fathers day offerings last week.
It requires something special, it was a shocker.

Thanks a million, @girlbeforethemirror. It was a mighty generous contribution. I'm sure Quill will satisfy any expectation. I think that it is a proven fact now that he can work magic with words and with human actions. On behalf of my family, my eternal gratitude and admiration.
Warm hugs from Venezuela


If there was one person I knew would be in here, it was you.

Of all the poems I've written in my life, there was never one I more look forward to writing than this one.

Marg, thanks.



When on you put a uniform,
A deal do you bind,
No matter to you what the cost,
Leave not a man behind.

A man goes down, you turn around,
Go back and face the fire,
Perchance a price so think you twice,
Yet still it is required.

And so you do as they for you,
One man, picks up the other,
Leaves not to lie in mud to die,
That man ... he is your brother.


That's a beautiful philosophy. Wish it were held by men in uniformed everywhere.
I just worked out this rough translation of your poem, Quill, which I had not commented directly. I think it is, like all your work, brilliant and poignant. It is beyond me why anyone in their right mind would want to imitate an evil doer, but again, it goes back to having a "right mind" and immitators of this kind do not. There are kids in every town in Venezuela trying to immitate the most violent capos in history, even when they know they won't live over 30 pursuing such a career.
Here's my spanish version (you can add it to the body of the post so that spanish-speaking steemians can get the overall idea)

La Carrera del Dictador

Hitler, y Stalin, y Saddam Hussein,
Todos sus héroes eran peludos
sus reinos inspiraron su modelo a seguir,
Como ellos, se volvió él, Maduro.

Él la afeitadora para imitar su apariencia tomó,
Porque los HOMBRES a sus bigotes le ponen hasta cera,
el look de Fidel descartado, así que la barba olvidó,
Pero convertirse en un Dictador abrazó como carrera.

Pero fue asumir su disfraz una imprudencia,
con verdaderos maestros Maduro compite,
La caída de países, asesinato y violencia
Es el bigote solo vanidad pa´l que lo imite?

Que vello facial, lo que espanta es la hambruna
Mao … afeitado; como la calva de Mussolini ninguna.


And THIS ... is what I'm talking about. One of the most gifted minds on the blockchain.


I just gave out a day's worth of upvotes at 100% on posts and comments to help out. Will also visit with some other accounts later to help out. The minnowbuilder program has been reaching 100% VP way to often due to people not posting enough so I can help from there too.

I was just injured and not working for a month so liquid cash isn't something I have right this minute...but let me see what can be done there too.

@hlezama can't imagine what it's like to have to split up your family like this. Hope that you are all able to reunite soon! I have 2 Daughters also and can't imagine having to send them off to live with someone else. It must be heart breaking for you...but above all else it's our job as parents to keep our kids safe. Get healthy and take care of your Girls!

Thank you very much. I appreciate all you've done here.

A little help from PIFC also. Have PT this morning so need to run, but will be back to help out more later today.

Also made a post in the PIFC Discord Channel to ask everyone to take a look. A number of PIFC members have already commented here about supporting...love seeing the giving nature of our community!!


Thank you so much. This initiative is precisely in the spirit of what you've been doing for so long ... Paying It Forward.

The fact that so many have jumped on board so quickly is heartening. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Princes and Kings ... they pale in comparison to what a few Good Men can achieve when they stand together and fight as one.


This really is the type of thing that embodies the Pay It Forward mindset. Help others not because you want something in return, but rather just because it's the right thing to do.

The power of the many will always outweigh the power of the few once the many understand how powerful they are. This flies directly in the face of what the few brainwash the many into believing with their ownership of Church, Policy (Politics), and Media. But when the many understand the few are nothing without the many real change can happen.


Mate, thank you. If ever there was one post I wanted to succeed, it was this one. A ton of people have drawn their swords and I feel the makings of an army.

If I'm being honest, it brings tears to my eyes.


Awesome that you're doing this, @quillfire.
Sent a (small) contribution and will share the post!


Thank you. It all adds up ... and it's starting to add up.

We can't "change the world" ... but we can "change the world for someone."


Thank you for this. It is just another reminder that I am really blessed after all. I will try to move some stuff around to help.


Thanks mate. It's all about perspective, isn't it?


100%... it's not much, but every little bit counts!


No wall stands absent the least of its bricks.

Thank you.


Best of luck! The situation in Venezuela is heart-wrenching.


The situation in Venezuela is heart-wrenching. The situation on this post is heart-warming. A lot of good people doing what they can to help fend off the hyenas.



Its hartbreaking


Heartbreaking ... indeed. But we will do what we can to lighten the load and already what we've done is significant.


I normally don't resteem much but will do for this one :)


Thank you. It's all about exposure.


I love @hlezama, have followed his story, and would love to donate $50 USD to him. Do you know how I can do that?
I've had two daughters head off to college 4 and 5 hour drives away. I bought them both cars. They came home often and we still speak almost daily and they are still very much a part of my daily life. My eldest is now 28 and living 800 miles away in Nashville. Visiting Nashville does not suck, so there's that.

The loss of her immediate presence will be a gain, like all losses. But I feel your pain, I know too that at first it hurts terribly.

If I do manage to send Henrry $50, my topic for you to write about is in this link: https://steempeak.com/freedom/@owasco/freedom
(sorry for the self-promotion, but it's not myself I am promoting!)

Oh I see it should be in steem. I don't even have that much liquid steem. hm. I'll figure it out and let you know.


And should you find yourself besieged,
The walls a breach at hand,
Against your back, a back is pressed,
Alone you will not stand.

There is still honor in the world and I thank you for demonstrating the fact.

I clicked on your link ... Holy Cow ... now THAT's poetic fodder. I will need more information and I will need to think, deeply. I promise though, the result will be spectacular. We'll talk via DM. My link is in PHC's Discord Channel.


Tears. Thank you. I feel so much more having visited those two men. A very unexpected gift given to me by MY stupendous daughter, who led me there.


BTW, I would have upvoted and commented on your post but, for whatever reason, such buttons don't appear on SteemPeak posts. I don't know why or how to fix it.


@quillfire you can change it away from steempeak to Steemit.com just by replacing "peak" with "it". I convert everything to steemit.com as honestly I haven't found anything I like better.


That simple? Thanks for the insight. I've been unable to interact with my friends' Steempeak posts and it's been killing me. Often, I DM them instead.


@quillfire I write all my posts on steempeak and post in busy for the upvote. Then I open up Steemit and hit post and it shows as a steemit post and drop those in the post promotion.

Oh yes I've heard that before. It happens to me if I click on a link to a partiko post, but if I use my steempeak search bar to then go directly to that person's blog and scroll down to the post, I can upvote and comment. I prefer steempeak's publishing tool to steemit's. But I really have very little idea about the tech aspects of all this, and use what I am most familiar with to save time.

I write on steempeak as I like their tools and post it on busy for the upvote. :)

I write on steempeak as I like their tools and post it on busy for the upvote. :)

what is busy? I tried something like that by drafting the post in steempeak and posting on esteem, but esteem got way more of my "earnings" than I did from their measly upvotes. I see that it is working for others though.

Thank you very much, @owasco for your kind words and your generous pledge

My pleasure Henrry. I'm watching bitcoin market right now to try to maximize what I can send you. I missed a lovely spike yesterday! I have even less of BTC than I do of steem. I hope you can hang on another day or two. Can you?

Sure, thank you so much. With the SBDs we have cashed already we have been able to buy some healthy food. Diet is important and we can't always affford the healthy stuff. I still have to get the prices of the sonogram and lab tests to make sure the kidney is ok and there are other stones on their way. Those test can be very pricy and estimates are valid for only 48 hours (prices fluctuate that fast). In the mean time I keep taking the antibiotics, which have hit my stomach quite badly this time, but hopefully for the better.

A question, because I am also supporting another family in Venezuela (that was trying to raise pigs inside their home so the pigs would not be stolen!) that does not have any cryptocurrency. Is it easier to buy things with crypto? and how do you do that?

No. No many people deal with cryptos, actually. In my case, I cash the steems or sbds from an account call orinococambio. They set up a website where you log in via steemconnect and they easily allow you to transfer your steem or other crptos and they deposit the BS in one's local bank account

100% vote from me m8. I'll try putting this in front of some bigger fish as well, best I can do at the moment as I am up to my eyeballs in debt.

I hope a whale or orca hits this to help support someone who could really do with the communities help.

All the best.


Thanks mate.

We're off to a good start but could use a couple of Whale/Orca hits. If this isn't a post worthy of post-HF21 curation, what is?


Yeah.... post HF21 curation seems a myth to me.... and many others. And funnily enough, it just seems to be the same old steem cheerleaders who're the recipients of this 'supposed' change in culture.

Ha ha, am I bitter? You better believe it after witnessing such a powerful pile of BS peddled to everyone while some of the best writers on steem are left to founder outside in the dark.

I took a second look at the Poems as Presents section of the post. Message received 😉 I've been putting out my month of Haiku (shorter mini blog post) simply because I needed to get away from steeming and the internet in general for a while. They seemed like a happy medium where I could keep a presence on here while stepping back a little. It's a long story why I had to get my digital detox on.

Anyway, I'll try to compose a longer, more involved, poem in tribute to @hlezama and the power of what good people can achieve on steem when they get together and care about their fellow man 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

Fellow haiku writer! @quillfire thinks haiku is too fussy to bother with. I'll head on over to your blog because I love the stuff!
I look forward to your tribute to @hlezama

@owasco & @raj808

Write five syllables
Then write seven syllables
Write five syllables



You mock me, I know, and it's OK. I would not have thought it possible until now, but that is worse even than the crap the haikubot puts out. Where is the soul, the song, the ineffable? You know you want to. One dare deserves another.


I don't mock you, I tease you.

Where is the soul, the song, the ineffable? You know you want to. One dare deserves another.

Discretion is the better part of valor. :-)


Tease! It's been a while. Are we flirting?

Maybe I should have paid that fifty dollars for you to write a haiku.

I'm getting closer. It's very exciting when the final words drop into place and I know I am done.

Go to my page and see if you can react with "value" if you would please. No mocking the Bigs by name though. I am too chicken (I choose my battles), like you about haiku (you choose to chicken out) Bwawk.


Irrespective of Steemit's endemic problems, there are good people here. A lot of them. Henrry's one of them.

While we may not possess a pocket full of pesos, we possess a skull full of brains. And we're going to use them to turn back the tide for one good man and his family. I'm fucking sick and tired of feeling impotent and watching things fall apart. If after two years on Steemit this is the only thing I achieve ... it will have been worth it.

BTW, I posted a comment (probably below) with a poem entitled, "Who Was That ...?" I need help remembering the name of a Whale. Perhaps you could help out Ol' Quill. :-)


Irrespective of Steemit's endemic problems, there are good people here.

You're not wrong Quill. I speak what I see as truth, that's all. I don't pull my punches whether it's positive or negative. I think you know that.

If after two years on Steemit this is the only thing I achieve ... it will have been worth it.

I feel the same way about my work on @projectgiving... having been a part of helping improve people's lives through steem means I've already won this crazy online experimental game. I just get frustrated sometimes as I have massive financial issues myself.

P.s. see my response to the "Who Was That ...?" Poem. I've done my best to shout out into the wind 👍🙂


Henrry ... I wish it was more. I'm hoping this post will raise additional funds by the end of the week. Take care of yourself and your family as best you can.

One of these days, you'll awaken and this nightmare will finally be over. The long, hard work of re-building your country will then begin. Venezuela will need good men.

It will have at least one.


Pray for Henrry, his family and for all the good people of Venezuela, to once again have their country, their freedom and their prosperity returned to them.


You said it.


I have some sbd I can send. Can you give me the exact address to send it to?


Thanks mate. It's greatly appreciated.

We are both poets who were once soldiers. This situation taps into both.

Wallet Transfer:

  • Go into your wallet.
  • Click the drop-down arrow beside "SBD."
  • Click "Transfer."
  • In the "To" box, type in "hlezama" (no quotation marks).
  • Type in the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Click the "Next" button.

That's it.


Done, hope it goes through

It did, @wales. We are much obliged. Blessings to you and your family

You are amazing @quillfire! I definitely feel your pain taking your daughter to college. I have those vivid recollections dropping my daughters off at college as well. I though my heart would break for sure. You have so much to be proud of, what an amazing young woman she is. As for your tribute to @hlezama and his family, wow! It is crushing to hear about the suffering they endure in Venezuela. And then to hear they can't even travel out of the country, unspeakable. You are an angel, upvoted and resteemed!


It is crushing to hear about the suffering they endure in Venezuela. And then to hear they can't even travel out of the country, unspeakable.

And Venezuela sits atop the world's largest proven reserves of petroleum. There is nothing that corrupt ideologues cannot destroy. This should be a warning for all those toying with Utopian Dream Schemes. Currently, the most "assigned book" on US college campuses ... "The Communist Manifesto." "Das Capital" is not far behind.

Henrry is a university professor. Perhaps his US colleagues ought to invite him to give a few guest lectures: "Utopia, Up Close & Personal."

FunFact: "Utopia" means "No Where."


@hlezama - Henrry - one of my favorites from @Freewritehouse!! Now I know why we haven't heard from him in a bit - thank you for the update. I'll match your $15 donation. Congratulations on your daughter's merit scholarships, her exciting field of study (biomedical engineerging! Exalted IQ!). As for the farewell, I know that one all too well. Son, daughter, daughter, boom-boom-boom, empty nest, too soon-soon-soon. Yes, we have Skype and FaceTime, but is it not the same. Yes, it would eventually strike us as strange and not too good for the offspring if they never left home. Couldn't they find a nest closer to us? The world is too big!
Christmas break will come around soon enough--just so she doesn't head out on study abroad programs every holiday break!

Soooo many comment to read - so many kind thoughts - #GottaLoveSteemit!
@raj808, good to see you on board. @owasco, @girlbeforemirror, so many familiar names and friendly faces!
Henrry, your luck has to improve, with so many people pulling for you. Your daughter, denied a visit to family in Chile: why, why, why. The politics, the machinations, the power ploys. How do good people keep from turning bitter, cynical, or even violent...
Bless you Henrry and family and all our Steemit friends. :)


Carol, thank you so much. BTW, good to see you, it's been a while.

It's one thing to have to let them go when they adults, it's quite another when they're not. Henrry lives for his family and I wanted to do whatever I could to lighten his load. Who knows, with a little luck, we may be able to change the fate of a family. Irrespective of the odds, I'm going to try.

Respecting the WHY, it's the oldest story of humanity: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Chavez and Maduro stripped Venezuela of its checks and balances, politically and economically. The result is a "Utopian Dream" turned "Socialist Nightmare." No one reads history, or if they do, they seem incapable of extrapolating from it lessons. All this was extremely foreseeable.

BTW, I need your help. I left a comment on this post with a poem entitled, "Who Was That ...?" I'm trying to remember the name of a Whale. Maybe you could help. Go have a look.


Maduro has been the worst plague that has ever fallen here. Unfortunately the situation in my country Venezuela, is even worse than many believe or think, with a monthly minimum wage that is not enough for a person to eat a whole day, if you get sick is more likely to die than you can heal, because the high cost of medicines is unattainable. I have seen families disintegrated because they have all had to go around the world trying their luck, because there are so many who are outside that the chances of even finding a job have been too reduced.

I myself have been affected and had to resort to natural medicine because I had to make the decision between buying food for my son or medicine for me, is really strong, I hope this beautiful act of the fruits needed to help our partner @hlezama. God bless you always!


Arrgh. Helping one person still leaves millions of others destitute.

Months ago, I concocted an idea to try to help many more Venezuelans here on Steemit. But with STEEM at $0.18 ... it's simply not practical.

Watching Venezuela from the outside is an exercise in frustration. With all the diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions, one would have thought Maduro would have been forced from power by now. Your country sits atop the world's largest reserve of petroleum and ought to be extremely wealthy. Alas, political ideologues and rampant corruption have managed to destroy everything.

I wish I had a solution.

They say laughter is the best medicine (and fortunately, free):

Grass Is Good:


And Henrry's translation into Spanish:


It's darkest before the dawn. Sooner or later, the outside pressure will force him from power and there will be MASSIVE international aid.

Hang in there.


What a wonderful gesture, @quillfire. I've upvoted, resteemed, and tweeted this in the hopes of getting more exposure for @hlezama.


Thanks Traci.

There are so many in desperate need in Venezuela, the scale of which is such that one becomes overwhelmed and tempted to do nothing. At the moment, all I can do is focus on one family and hope to make a difference for them.

We're off to a good start.


God Bless him, Quill @quillfire

It is such a hard decision to make, but I am happy for the girls and his mom that he chose this for them. What a selfless individual and may God love him. I am so terrified as I watch from the outside in, and have been for over 10 years as I have friends from there that were never allowed to travel as they didn't think they would come back.

My sincere apologies as the world sits and watches. Thank God for the internet so that at least they know we care.

I just tried to send you $$ and kept getting error, so will try in a bit.

Upped and Steemed

!tip .30


Thanks Denise.

I saw your donation. I will forward it to Henrry's account. You are one of the most consistently generous people on Steemit.

There is huge international diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions trying to force Maduro out. One can only hope that they will soon come to fruition. Somehow that bloody cockroach manages to hang on. Once he's out, MASSIVE international aide will flood into the country. Countless millions of lives wrecked in pursuit of yet another "Socialist Utopian Dream." People never learn.


I am intimately aware. I have friends from school who had to leave and go back to Venezuela and no longer allowed to come here as that made them a flight risk. I have been sending money to them already and if I can help one more person, I will do it.

He will come down, but, he has broken, killed, and demoralized so many, it is not the only aide they need. But, someday, he will pay. And fortunately, there is a God.

That makes me happy.


BTW, I need your help. I left a comment on this post with a poem entitled, "Who Was That ...?" I'm struggling to remember the name of a Whale. Go have a look.


Maybe @theycallmedan will show how rad he is by popping by to show some love! He's always been a big supporter of the PHC crew!


@theycallmedan is rapidly becoming our Guardian Angel. Has anyone asked him to join PHC?

Dan, join the Power House Creatives. As an old guy to a younger one, resumes (and wallets and rep scores) are poor measures of a man. As I'm sure you've come to suspect, PHC has (and no one knows exactly how it happened) become a tribe of singular distinction, one built upon an ethos that can be earned, but not purchased. You could do worse and would be hard pressed to do better. These people make good friends. Except @nickyhavey ... he's a prick. :-)

Respecting this Fundraiser ... women are suckers for words that rhyme and I'd bet you double or nothing that between us we could make your new bride blubber like a baby. She'll start by fanning her eyeballs, as all girls do, but when the dam breaks ... you'll need a mop. What do you say?


Alright Quill, might not be much but I jumped on your call to action. I needed to honor an offer to do a post for another of our awesome community members, but I decided to split the payout between the two awesome folks on this post to do my little part: https://steempeak.com/fff/@plantstoplanks/dishing-up-some-feels-paying-it-forward-for-fff

Probably won't hit the mark to earn a one-of-a-kind poem, but I am well aware that ever tiny bit of STEEM helps in certain situations. Thank you for rallying the troops, this sucker included. ;)


A penny, a pence or a pound ... it all adds up.

I took a look at your post. I cannot believe it ... you're seducing the most notorious carnivore of the Serengeti ... although I remain to be convinced that growling at okra will be as psychologically satisfying as growling at a pork chop. :-)

PTP, thanks.


I sometimes have to remind myself of that. There are times I get discouraged from throwing my hat into any given ring when I feel like I'm a small fry, but then I remember when it's the right ring no one cares how "big" you are, just that you show up.

Yes, growling doesn't really suit okra. I tend to croon more over my meals...


"Croon" ... touche. :-)


I got you with with the little bit I've got.


Thanks Jen. I owe ya.



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@sunravelme, thanks for making this happen.


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@jaynie, thank you. The Power House Creatives ... and our friends ... are coming alive.

It is the House That Jaynie Built ... and you should be proud.



Thanks Ol' Guy. A lot of people are doing what they can to lighten the load. Everyone pulling on an oar. I have to admit, I'm deeply moved.


Upvoted 100% & Resteemed. Sending all my reiki love & prayers in support of @hlezama & family's greatest good


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Thanks Reiki. If there is anyone deserving of it, it is Henrry and his family.


Upvoted and resteemed my friend.

Great job.


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Thanks Gaz.


Great you are helping your friend, @quillfire. U&R
Blessings !


Thank you.

This is what friends do.


I must have missed the post about Henrry getting sick. 😢 Going to go resolve that now add him to my autovotes with 100% I thought I had. It's not much.

Which is better direct donation of Steem or SBI? I know he uses what he earns to pay for bills. I usually think SBI as a long term investment rather than a one time thing.

Also if any of you have not ready any of @hlezama's posts go take a look.


Anything, of course, is greatly appreciated.

I'm guessing, though, that STEEM or SBD would be most valuable at the moment as they can be easily liquidated. The auto-upvote idea ... excellent.


I have upvoted 100% and resteemed. Unfortunately I don't have any extra to spare at this time.

You are a great person for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully he gets a lot of help!

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Thanks Foxy.

We've already got two commissions for a poem. People are upvoting at 100%, resteeming and making whatever donations they can. A couple of whale upvotes and a couple more poems and we'll be talking a very decent amount of money.


Right on! Awesome that you are getting lots of help for your friend.

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It's sad to hear about family getting seperated. Sadder when the cause is the lack of money. I hope you and Henrry cope with it until something better happen.

Also, good poem~


Ahmad, thanks.

What's worse is that there's little most Venezuelans can do to remedy their situation. Chavez/Maduro nationalized a huge portion of the economy ... hence the government controls nearly everything. And government corruption is rampant. The generals, who possess all the guns, are drug lords and smugglers. And, with 1,000,000%+ inflation, average incomes come nowhere close to being able to pay the bills.

How is one supposed to navigate THAT?

The world's governments are desperately trying to pressure Maduro into resigning but those in power don't want to give up their racketeering. Russia and China aren't making it any easier by supporting Maduro ... they want to retain control of Venezuela's oil fields. Damn the people.


All I can say be strong. Have Faith! Tough times don't last forever!


Hey mate.

Brother, I need your help. I just posted a comment to this post, a poem entitled, "Who Was That ...?"

Go take a look. I need folks to help me remember the name of a Whale.


Excelente post y mis felicitaciones por la ayuda a @hlezama. Que tenga muchos éxitos y que Dios lo siga bendiciendo. Mis saludos, @quillfire.


Gracias. Con suerte, esta iniciativa inspirará a otros a patrocinar eventos similares para recaudar fondos. Hay muchos otros en la misma posición.


100% upvoted because we truly love Henrry. he is one of our favourite Steemians on the chain. Thank you Quill for this initiative, and thank you @fionasfavourites for tagging us xxx

Glad to be of help. Thank you @adsactly


... we truly love Henrry. he is one of our favourite Steemians on the chain.

Henrry this, Henrry that. Henrry has two r's. What about ... me? Poor Ol' Quill?

Teasing. The fact that he's made such a wide impression is of no surprise. Thanks for the big support vote. It's greatly appreciated.

And @fionasfavourites, thank you, yet again.


Life always fascinates me. Why? Because I "accidentally" came across this post. @hlezama has been following me for awhile now and always gives my "posts" wonderful feedback.

Yet, as with many that I have met from Venzuela, they do not mention much of what they are going through. Most that I have met are a very proud people and just trying to survive in a terrible situation. Yet they do not ask for help.

I always look forward to @hlezama's comments, and he is always supportive.

I will "vote" a 100% ... I would remind you to also check earnings on neoxian.city and https://www.spanish-tribe.com because there should be earnings from this post in your wallets. In the event you have not logged into those Tribal sites, do so.

Godspeed @hlezama. My heart goes out to you and your family, as well as all Venezuelans.

La vida siempre me fascina. Por qué? Porque "accidentalmente" me encontré con este puesto. @hlezama me ha estado siguiendo durante un tiempo y siempre da a mis "posts" una maravillosa retroalimentación.

Sin embargo, como muchos de los que he conocido en Venzuela, no mencionan mucho de lo que están pasando. La mayoría de las personas que he conocido son personas muy orgullosas y que sólo tratan de sobrevivir en una situación terrible. Sin embargo, no piden ayuda.

Siempre espero con interés los comentarios de @hlezama, y él siempre me apoya.

Voy a "votar" un 100%... Les recuerdo que también revisen las ganancias en neoxian.city y https://www.spanish-tribe.com porque debería haber ganancias de este post en sus billeteras. En el caso de que no hayas iniciado sesión en esos sitios tribales, hazlo.

Buena suerte @hlezama. Mi corazón está con usted y su familia, así como con todos los venezolanos.

Traducción realizada con el traductor www.DeepL.com/Translator


Sorry about the duplicate. I have no idea how it happened and now I am unable to delete. Deep apologies.

Thanks for putting together this noble cause Quillington and really sorry to read about the difficult situation Henrry is in. I hope we can all help in some way with an upvote and make a positive difference.


Hey Nicky. A hundred men each with an oar makes a Viking longboat.


upvoted, resteemed and sent my SBD although not much - 5 SBD.
How horrible it must be to have your world turned upside down!
Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Quillfire!


Thank you so much, Porters. Scroll back through these comments and do the math ... it's adding up.


100% vote here my friend, not worth much but it's the least that we can do.
Hope you can get 1000 100% votes worth more than 1 cent here!
If we can do it anyone can.
Every cent counts here!


We are the Power House Creatives! If it's not 100-to-1, they don't call us.

Thanks mate. It all adds up. Imagine the story Henrry, a born raconteur, is going to tell his daughters about this initiative. You don't think this is something they'll remember for the rest of their lives. And you were a part of it.


My part in it is of no importance my friend, as we help thousands of children and I have always kept myself in the back ground.
What is important is that they need the help and that you stood up to the task. Proud of you.


I'm glad you do this for @hlezama is a great steemian.

I felt so identified with everything you write here, many people will think that an exaggeration, but unfortunately it is the reality of what we live every day here in Venezuela. For example, Never in life have we taken expired medications, but until that we have arrived, because unfortunately they are not obtained and if you get it the cost is very high and it becomes difficult to buy them.

Many families have separated, I would say that approximately 70% have had to say goodbye to part of their family because the situation is very difficult here.

and not to mention the many other situations that we live on a daily basis, such as the constant failures of basic services that affect health and the high cost of food, which has brought a lot of malnutrition not only in children, but in adults too.

I voted for your publication in support, although my vote is not so much, and I also resteem it.


Thank you so much for your support. My vote's not worth much either. We all do what we can with what we have.

You're right, of course. Henrry is not alone in his dilemmas ... they are shared by millions of others. I got tired of waiting for politicians and diplomats to fix things. I'm hoping that others will be inspired to sponsor fundraisers to help other Venezuelans. Indeed, when this post expires, I will issue a challenge to that effect ... to pick a Venezuelan Steemian and start a campaign to help them financially.

I can't change the world ... but I can cause someone's world to change.

So can others.

Think big. Act small.


I can't change the world ... but I can cause someone's world to change.

Beautiful phrase.
How rewarding it is to be the one who changes someone's world.

God Bless him, Quill @quillfire

It is such a hard decision to make, but I am happy for the girls and his mom that he chose this for them. What a selfless individual and may God love him. I am so terrified as I watch from the outside in, and have been for over 10 years as I have friends from there that were never allowed to travel as they didn't think they would come back.

My sincere apologies as the world sits and watches. Thank God for the internet so that at least they know we care.

I just tried to send you $$ and kept getting error, so will try in a bit.

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