Adopt a Puppy

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Adopted puppy


As some of you might know, my family decided to adopt a puppy from a rescue shelter for animals.

My son and wife went to the shelter last week and choose this puppy.

Before we could get it, they had to spay and micro chip the puppy.


We were supposed to get the puppy tomorrow, but they phoned us today, with the good news that we could get him today. So finally he arrived at our home!!

It looks like he is adapting fine at our home.

I hope all goes well during the night, as the puppy must still get used to his new environment!!

I hope you liked the post, Stay Safe!!



That's a good looking dog! Congrats, and I wish you many years of love. There is nothing like a good dog.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations dear friend @rynow for the new family member
It is very beautiful
I wish you a great week

Thank you very much.

Its a really nice puppy.

Thank you.

so cute puppy! I like it

[email protected] That is a good 🐕 you got .

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