Birth of a Stout, during lock down!!

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Birth of a Stout, during lock down!!


Today I am doing a bit of a different BeerSaturday post, as I am not actually drinking a BEER, I am still planning to brew a BEER!!

The photos of the STOUT, is of a STOUT, I brewed some time ago and already wrote a post about!!

As you might know the sale of alcohol is prohibited in South Africa, under the Covid-19 lock-down restrictions.

Although I do have some BEERS left from my previous brew, I became inspired to start another brew, while reading a post of @zekepickleman.

My local brew supply shops are all closed, but I found a shop in Johannesburg that does online sales of beer brewing equipment and ingredients!!


I immediately put in an order for ingredients to do a brew!! The stock is also limited, and due to high orders and only skeleton staff working, they say delivery will take 7 days!! They also restrict the amount of stuff one can order. I just made up this recipe while browsing, thus I don't have an idea how it will turn out, but thus far most off my own BEERS came out great!!

Below is the confirmation e-mail I received for my order.


Now I am just waiting for the delivery!!

(The bottle opener on the photo is my brother's, he brought it from Australia - poor Kangaroo!!)

Why don't you join #BeerSaturday as hosted by @detlev yourself, click here for all the information on this great contest!!

I hope you liked the post, Stay Safe!!



Booyah! Reading your posts lately makes me think more and more of the brewery in pieces 20 feet behind me. I HAVE to see if I can brew an IPA!

It is quite easy, I did not do an IPA yet, but just google there are so many recipes available, you should be able to find a nice one. (I normally look at the recipes, and then just simplify for me as I use very basic equipment)

this beer is a good trick in lockdown

I agree!!

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