Chinese Tomatoes: In my Garden!!

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Chinese Tomatoes: In my Garden!!


I have this one huge tomato plant in my garden. I refer to it as my Chinese Tomato , as it has yellow and not red tomato's.

It was not very common in South Africa until recently. I call it Chinese as you always get the most wonderful inventions from China.

It is actually not Chinese at all as these Yellow Pear Cocktail Tomato's are originating from the America's, and was not altered at all to become yellow, it is quite natural. They were already introduced to Europe in the 1600's.


You can see that the tomato's are beautifully pear shaped and yellow in color. The plant is full of these small yellow flowers, which will produce a lot of tomato's for me shortly.


This plant actually bears a lot of fruit, which is quite tasty and excellent in salads. Below is some of the tomato's that I got from the plant.


If you follow the link you can read more about: Yellow Pear Tomatoes

I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

Stay Safe!!



You have a lovely garden.


Thank you.

See tomatoes for the first time. But this tomato s very beautiful to see. We have red colored tomatoes here

Nice one sir. God bless.

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