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The only time I get out of the house these days are in the early morning when I go for my daily walk. (We are only permitted to exercise between 6-9 in the mornings)

These days it is becoming colder and colder as winter is approaching fast!!

On my walk this morning, I passed this beautiful, majestic tree!! As you can see it is a nice sizable tree, and I decided that this would be a great tree for TreeTuesday.

Here I was standing under the tree, and just took a photo through the branched towards the sky.

I love the trunk that just splits into some big branches almost at the bottom, this would be the ideal tree to climb as a child.

Well these days, I don't climb trees anymore, thus I just continued on my walk!!

I hope you liked the post, Stay Safe!!



This is beautiful to watch about the tree just like an umbrella.

This is beautiful
To watch about the tree just
Like an umbrella.

                 - sheikh27

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Tree are the most important of our lives. Thanks for sharing

Yes, they are off great importance.

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