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We would like to invite the TRULY passionate #STEEM individuals to join our Power House Creatives community on Discord. #Steem needs more people who are prepared to go the extra mile, and bend over backwards - No matter your content genre - if you are someone that GIVES YOUR ALL then we would LOVE to welcome you to our team!

Our community is incredibly proactive - and DRIVING the success and growth of the people within it is our FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE. We are bridging the gap on all fronts - our arms currently extending support to ALL commercial social media networks and decentralised front ends - and we will continue this "niche" support once Steem Communities are implemented. Under our umbrella, newly formed communities of ANY genre, will find a home within our PHC community - one that will support their individual community growth, whilst affording the convenience of getting to know other communities and the people within all in one convnient space.

We work hard, we play hard - we support one another through thick and thin, we know whats going on in our "3D" lives and no matter what it is - we are there for each other! Yes, there are daily responsibilities and obligations. Yes, there are things that fly within our walls and things that definitely don’t. Yes, we require quite a bit from you as an individual but you get it tenfold in return and ANY ONE of our members will gladly testify to this.

We may be a relatively small collective, but we have members from over 30 countries and that continues to grow. Most of our members are also key players in some of Steem's other highly regarded and supportive discord communities and initiatives - and all of us at “home” know without question or doubt that every single one of our members will make us proud with whatever they do – wherever they go – and that is precisely how we intend to keep it. Simple as that! No, this kind of “ethos” does not work for everyone – and that is perfectly fine - Each to their own. The people who have done the “putting in” are the ones that understand what they “get out” of it all ;) We are a team that is here for the long haul! We are here to give #STEEM our ALL and if that resonates with you, then we would absolutely LOVE to have you join us!


We are all really excited to open our doors and arms to some fresh talent – so looking forward to seeing what you peeps will dish our way ;)


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A community of individuals who are dedicated to producing quality content
which adds value to the Steem network and beyond.



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This looks like an awesome initiative! I may never be a powerhouse creative because I am probably way to inconsistent (plus Im a technophobe and discord makes me want to implode!) but if you ever need an actor, you just let me know! Big love! And keep on keeping the SteemDreems alive!!! :D

Thank you for being supportive 😊😊 resteemed 😉👌

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And thank you too hon! You are amazing!

No doubt about it!! At the risk of putting up the wrong GIF, let me just say how pleased I am to be among this little group.

Thank you always.


MWAH! And we would be incomplete without you love!

Oh so elegant... ;) MWAH!


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hahaha cute! Thanks for stopping by to show your support hon!! Much appreciated x

Another great group of entries. Thanks for highlighting them.

hehehe I think you are on the wrong PHC post with that love lol... but it's Friday so who cares haha!

!giphy happy+friday

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too much turkey dinner. should have waited until I had a clear head today. that's what I get, lol. sorry.

Thanks a million @hafizullah! xxx

We are supportive and grateful! Every day we care for each other. We're faithful!

Well said @spellmaker :) Thank you!

So glad to be a member, along with a really great group of people here in PHC!

So true @free-reign! So many amazing people in our little space!

We are the champions at PHC and it's time to grow the family into a blockbuster of note!

To infinity and beyond haha!

"Beyond infinity" has a nice ring to my ears Lol.

Well, I am afraid all credit has to go to this guy...

!giphy buzz+lightyear

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And it's the best little group ever...

damn straight! Even better now than ever before ;)

!giphy Fabulous people!

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!giphy Wish granted!

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@free-reign. It’s working. 😊
!giphy Thank You!

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Congratulations on the achievements! Resteeming this ♡

yay!! A great community for sure!

I'm here so you should be too! 👍

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Excellently stated. I'm glad I joined. I will resteem.

Exciting to have support for the different communities right within the #Powerhousecreatives community!
Great to have a community behind you!
Many thanks!

Awesome, growing every day!

I´m really happy you accepted me in your interesting community.
Thank you

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