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Keep Calm and Steem On

The good times are back :)

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I love reading these thoughts, they serve as good wake up calls to our current situation :)

So good of you posting all of these positive quotes Vibi.
Let's hope that many will read them, as there is so much negativity in the the world nowadays!

I knew this as a child, then was forced in public school to make nice with all sorts of children who were not nice at all, then had to unlearn letting folks mistreat me. That took decades. These are wise words that are very hard to learn. Identify the people who do not treat you lovingly (and if you look closely, you'll find there are a lot of people they do not treat lovingly) and stop spending so much energy on them. Love them still, because love IS the answer, but don't expect that back.

These very simple words you post inspire such deep thinking. Cool

YOu get my Upvote ... I was like to read this :)
I hope day is good there ... here soon summer end and winter back :) -25 :))