Giloy - Ayurvedic root of Immortality

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Giloy also called Tinospora Cordifolia is an Ayurvedic herb that is popularly used by Indians as an everyday medicine. Giloy is a hindi word and the sanskrit for it would be 'Amrita' which means 'A substance that can make you immortal'. It is one of those herbs that have been approved by Food and Drug Administration as well. It can be consumed in form of powder, juice and capsules - juice being the most popular among Indian households. It is said that the leaves of Giloy contain Calcium, Protein, Phosphorus and the stem of Giloy contains Starch with many antibacterial & antiviral properties. Giloy's plant can be found in every 5th Indian household.

That being said, let’s talk about some of the major benefits of consuming the Giloy Herb.

Immunity Booster

Giloy is abundant in antioxidants and helps fight free radicals, it keeps body cells healthy. Giloy works on improving immunity by removing toxins from blood and purifying it. It is also used to improve heart health and urinary tract.

Makes the fever go away

Special factor about Giloy is its anti-pyretic abilities and thus it helps in treating fevers. Weekly consumption of Giloy juice helps keep Dengue, Swine Flu and Malaria away.

Constipation Doctor

Having issues with Bowel movement? Oh yes, a gram of Giloy a day keeps it all away. No need of fancy medicines, you just have to make powder of giloy leaves and then consume it regularly. It works like magic.

Giloy treats Diabetes

Giloy is proven to reduce blood sugar level in people with Type 2 diabetes. Honestly it works because my mother consumes it and it has been helping her keep her glucose levels in limits.

Fights Respiratory Problems

Regular consumption of Giloy can keep your respiratory tract strong and healthy. Its anti-inflamatory properties help your lungs stay healthy.

Improves Vision

My grandmother used to use it for my grandfather. She would boil Giloy leaves and put the water on his eyes with a cotton cloth. I have heard many other people doing it and the results they achieved. I will surely do it in near future and share the results with you.

Giloy is a popular remedy and an all-rounder. The reason that it can help your body fight anything and everything is why people use it as a Sunday morning drink.

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Bahut acha devi, very good information here, Amrita, the deathless nectar. Ayurveda is a real gem and source of wisdom.

Yeah Life lived with rules of Ayurveda can give any human 20(20 is my guess) years extra to their body.

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What a great herb Vibi!
I will have to see if it is available in South Africa.
It sounds like something that we need.

I am hoping it must be there in africa

Interesting that the plant is used so commonly in India but I guess whith all it's medicinal properties and benefits no wonder!
I don't know about immortality but if it works for what ails you - great!

yeah it works for ailments well, thankyou for stopping by :)

Interesting! I have to see if I can find it here in the US. Sounds like a plant everyone should have!

yeah and it blooms so well and cover the whole area beautifully, looks fancy and nice

Thanks for sharing about this plant. Looks like familiar for me, but never heard about the name

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yeah it must be available at your place too

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I THINK I have that growing in my Thai garden - off to investigate tomorrow after daylight.

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Oh we have a facebook page too, I will like it.

What a wonderful plant to have in your garden, how nature has blessed us with so many amazing medicinal plants. I do love to learn about new ones, thank you xx

yeah a wonderful and pretty one :)

Oooh! I must hunt this down next time I come to India!

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oh yes come to Indian and hunt it down :)

I just read a research article on this plant. A quote:
With so much to offer to the scientific world of medicine, the plant Tinosporia truly acts as an incredible source

Quite fascinating. I surely will be reading more. Thanks for the info :)

Very interesting, since I am diabetic and my mother has breathing issues, this sounds like a very useful natural remedy. Now to find some or be able to grow it!

Do I ever wish I had this growing in my back yard!!! Plants are powerful and can also be dangerous. As long as we can respect the plants and its medicines, right?

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