How your health can play games with you?

So I visited an orthopaedic finally when I was not able to turn while sleeping and when I just could not ignore my body.

--The orthopaedic looks at my neck first and said 'something is wrong with the orientation.' Then I told him that I suffered a pinched nerved in upper back in January then he told me that it has not healed completely.
--Then he told me 'All my bones have become soft and I have extreme deficiency of calcium in my body.'
--Then he told me a joint near my thoracic spine is swelled.
--Then he told me I have developed a problem in my arms in which my muscles wont allow me to lift weight and he also asked me to not to lift weights - by weight he meant even laptops. So I was quite surprised with this one as my water bottle of one litre itself has so much weight equal to two laptops.
-- Have you not been drinking milk? Oh no sir, not since 5 months. Then he prescribed me to drink 750ml milk everyday.
He has given me prescription - 12 tablets in one day. All below needs to be taken within 2 weeks and then I have to visit him again.


I, I felt so bad for myself. SO so bad for myself. Poor me. I am going to take better care of me now.
But the point is - I have already been taking good care of myself but still it happened. I will take even more care now ok, but point is I am stuffed with food and medicines right now :(

I am just eating and eating and feeling so heavy.

Ok I left milk since past 5 months though I was drinking it intermittently - my fault but see I am paying for it now. I see so many people around me dont drink milk not sure from where they get their calcium. Maybe because I have been drinking milk since childhood and this is the reason leaving it for 5 months has such huge impact on my body.

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One joint a day keeps the pain away!
That's how I live. That's how I play.

wow Haikubot here loved what you just said :)

One joint a day keeps
The pain away! That's how I
Live. That's how I play.

                 - spellmaker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well, at least you went for medical advice at last and now you can do the right things to build your body back up.
Health is more precious than wealth.
Well done Vibi.

yeah if health goes - the wealth goes

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Sorry to hear you're not feeling that great! I have never drunk a lot of milk, I just don't LIKE it, especially cow's milk. I always presume I get enough calcium from a varied diet, but now I'm not so sure! Going to look it up - make sure I'm good. xx

yeah I also dont just like milk hmmmm but yeah Milk played me here.
Make sure you get your calcium from your favorite food sources :)

Sorry to hear about your condition, but I think your attitude about it is what will get you through it and back to normal. The symptoms sound scary, and seeking a diagnosis was necessary.

Consuming other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. will help also. Hope you're back to normal soon!

hmmm right - I dont want to be scared and run into more health issues. I just want to think that its all weakness - I eat and take care of myself and I will be better.

One fact that relieved me after I came from doctor is - all my bones are fine, no gap and disc displacement - I was like thankgod I can prevent serious stuff now too, not too late.

Thank you for checking in on me :)