Spine and the matress

Spinal and the matress - the combination can determine your life. You must make sure that you are sleeping on the right matress depending upon if you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper.

Here below are three representation to make things easier for you without hitting too many articles on internet.

Now take a friend or maybe spouse or someone in home and do the side sleeping test on your matress. You can sleep on side and other person can check the orientation of hour bakcbond but you need to be shirtless or maybe let the person touch you to figure the shape of spine while you perform side sleeping on your matress.

It is of utmost importance to sleep on right matress. Thoracic spine gets impacted along with lower back.





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My mother had to replace a cervical vertebrae years ago. The surgeon used one from a cadaver!

Imagine that?

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Sounds painful :(

We really do need to have a suitable mattress, especially when getting old.

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Someday I'll find one like that. I am crushed Purple didn't deliver. After 2 years most nights now I have to go sleep on the couch. If not, I have terrible pressure point pain. Which they say their mattress doesn't give since it gives full body support like the pictures you show. The sad part is that my bed is comfortable. When I relax I can actually lay on my back and not have back pain. It matches the curve in my spine.

Exactly I have somewhat similar problem with my matress - when I lay on my back it works fine, side sleeping causes pain after some time.
Being aware about it is great - pain in pressure points is a horror story I am living

Aww 😔 Not good @vibesforlife. Hopefully we can find something helpful.

Some bed science...which is actually pretty hard to bring someone's attention to because for most people it's just "I sleep and that's it", lol.

I think I'll try to test out my bed at my dorm once I get back with the help of a timed camera or my roommate, thanks for the awareness raising post :)

Exactly most of the people just sleep on whatever matress - only few who get spinal pains tend to check on what they are sleeping on.

Though, being aware and keeping a check can help a long way.

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Very good advice here Vibi.
So important to have the correct mattress.
The spine if it's misaligned can cause severe pain and other issues!

Exactly - the spine if misaligned can bring havoc.

But do we really need a mattress at all?

I know the ancient studies say sleeping on ground is best and I also believe ancient way of living is a better stronger way. But since we are made to sleep on mattress since birth - our bodies get addicted to all these bad stuff and breaking these boundaries would result in pain only.

Thank you so much for sharing this information for us. I really think posture is very important in our lives.

Posture is of utmost importance, thank for stopping by.

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I wonder about how much of this is about selling mattresses? Here in Thailand, and also in India, the yogi and the monks sleep on their backs, on bare earth or concrete floor with a block of wood for a pillow. They get up, stretch and exercise, and all is well. Hmmm...???

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Yeah right.
I think its more about how are we raised - generation have fell into traps of matresses. Now after sleeping on a matress for 25 years - my body will just not sleep on ground and no one's body will unless they are ready to take it through that risk and pain of transformation.

I definitely feel like I sleep better on a good fitting mattress... but lately but I've been sleeping on my back instead of my side. I guess the same logic applies though...

yeah back sleeping reduces lots of issue and safe for long term only except when you are pregnant.

I'm pretty sure my bed is not great and my back is not straight. Will have to ask my wife to check, thanks for sharing.

Wife to resort, oh yes