I'm Back and Power Up Steem!

in #powerup6 months ago (edited)

Good afternoon, steemians!

Today is a great day for me to start on my blogging again. It has been 8 months that I stopped due to the bad internet signal. I am also busy with my work and at the same time, I earned two years course, to add my degree. The government gave us scholarship program to enhance my future post in our municipality.

I power up my little penny here to boost my little account.


I sold my Sbd and buy steem. It gave me 24 steem and power up.

I have now 86 steem power and I will use this for helping other post too.

Thank you @steemitcurator and to all behind the latest success of steemit once again.

This is also my entry for the contest of @worldxpilar power up contest.

Steem to the moon!