PoWH3d, PoWH, PoWH33, PoWM, PoWL, The Pyramid Clone Wars Have Begun!

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PonziLand: The Pre-Madonna


So if you have been living under a rock for the past 3 days or so, you have no idea that the Clone Wars 3 has begun. Ever since PoWH3d hit about 1300 Eth, the clones have been popping up. PoWL was one of the first, but they had a little hiccup in the coding. The dividends went to 5%...ouch. So then PoWM was born to make fun of the bad math. With the math "fixed" the flood gates opened, and now they are popping up everywhere. Now why do I refer to this as Clone Wars 3? That's because this has all happened before. I will spare you the long story but every time this happens someone says, "I wish there was a place that listed all these clones so I can get the stats,buy, and sell in one place." Well people this place exists and it has for a while http://stocks-game.funsite.cz/stocks.html.

At http://stocks-game.funsite.cz/stocks.html you can do all the sorting and categorizing of the PoWH Pyramids in one place. So don't get stuck refreshing 1 PoWH over and over. Play with over 30 of them in a nice organized presentation. Plus these clones have verified solid coding, no exit scam possibilities, and you can get in at floor level!


I notice that shilly Suppoman is endorsing this ponzi on his latest videos.

This is making passive income investments look bad. Getting harder to decipher if an investment is good or not even though it pays an interest.

How long will these new ones last? And who will get burnt along the way?

I read this, but only understand that it is not a sequel to the, most shitty, Star Wars movie ever made

haha i am dying

absolutely correct after POWH3d being listed as the no.1 Ethereum DAPP it's craze is getting on the top and other clones are trying to take advantage of the hype

haha! I know what this is, Wait all of a sudden people want clones?
Are they starting to figure out that the math is not their friend when they get so high?
I can only imagine if someone put all the clones together on one site and made them into a game-that would be fun and a lot more fair...Oh Wait
Oh yea


People always want clones. Look st the number of alt coins that are basically clones of btc or other coins.

This is, of course, the obvious solution. It means that you don’t need to worry about researching devs each time you chop and change, and means there are plenty of ground floors to get in on. Brilliant!

I’m still mind blown that there is no shortage os suckers willing to get in and lose your money in these things! You can lose your money in day trading and I’ll still respect you but this, I have no sympathy

Etherstocks > Checking every single pow(x) clone contract

Love the White Paper! Cryptodapps lol awesome

your information good and the obvious solution

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silly Supperman is endorsing 😁😁😁😁

Ohhh, I'm on Powh3D and it's sweeetttt... It's smart that they're using the ETH smart contract. Even if the website is down, u can use My Ether Wallet to do transactions. kinda solved a lot of doubts there whether the devs can exit by just shutting down the transactions which they can't.

This is something I had no idea about. I mine monero and I was focused on the pow change, guess it's time to do some research. Still have to tweak my new mining software too. Lost about 300 h/s on the new one. 🙁

This stocks-game website is the same as the http://etherstocks.net/

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Real mind of human


Hey @brittuf in a future you etherstocks can have a wallet- exchange for steem-sbd/ eth, the fees of the exchanges are high :l

nice post...

Awesome thanks!

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I have been seeing this POWH3D since last month. However, ponzi isi ponzi, people will always get burnt. I am staying away from POWH.

check out charts on Etherstocks.net, they are long term project
there are graphs on page, I think they are legit!
They made it a stock trading game, pretty cool.

Ahh nice...

Nice post

Another cool thing.

the craig grant shill kits are in the mail




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