Oct. 3rd Daily Prayer Request Thread - Have Need Of Any Kind? The miraculous is the normal for those who ask..

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Any earnings in this thread will be evenly distributed upon all who both request and pray for the requests. "Honor" system here, God will be checking hearts..

As a christian I have seem many miraculous answers to prayers, God has been proven to be true when He says whatever you ask for believing it will be done, and whatever 2 or 3 agree upon will be done.. christians let's pray for each other and all who post here and watch the Lord move, according to His perfect will in the situation..

In addition to the prayers of those here I'm in a weekly prayer group and we will pray there also for the requests..

(Please note just feel free to rather make your own prayer request post, I will be praying for regardless of method. Please use the christian-trail or a new prayer-request tag tho to ensure max visibility among christians).




We must bear one and other's burdens (Gal 6:2) and praying for each other is one way to show the love of God to those in need. Great initiative @wilx

Thank you for this initiative where we can pray for our fellow steemians. Please keep @nobutsd in your prayers. His mother died in last week and he is struggling with regrets from the past.
Daily I come into contact with some "wonderful" unbelieving people here on steemit. Pray for us christians to be a witness to this people and pray for them to be saved! Lets pray for the families of the Texas shooting in this difficult days.

Amen, praying for all.

Am still looking for a niche here on steemit. Pls pray that i get it.

Father, may your spirit make its way into the hearts of the leaders of all the nations of the earth. Turn their eyes to you and so that they may desire your presence in their life. Holy Spirit, guide them in their doings, convict them of there wrong doin. May you fill there hearts with love. These words I pray in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ AMEN!!

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What an idea!
Daily learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Praying for all.

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