Oct. 4th Daily Prayer Request Thread - Have Need Of Any Kind? The miraculous is the normal for those who ask..

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Any earnings in this thread will be evenly distributed upon all who both request and pray for the requests. "Honor" system here, God will be checking hearts..

As a christian I have seem many miraculous answers to prayers, God has been proven to be true when He says whatever you ask for believing it will be done, and whatever 2 or 3 agree upon will be done.. christians let's pray for each other and all who post here and watch the Lord move, according to His perfect will in the situation..

In addition to the prayers of those here I'm in a weekly prayer group and we will pray there also for the requests..

Please note just feel free to rather make your own prayer request post, I will be praying for regardless of method. Please use the christian-trail or a new prayer-request tag tho to ensure max visibility among christians).




Please pray that I stop getting headaches that prevent me from doing my work!

Pray for my job interview I had yesterday that I may get the job.

May Gods favor be upon you, and the Holy Spirit speak to the interviewers for the job position you are applying for. This job is yours in Jesus name!! Being a believer in Christ we shall not want, we shall prosper in times like these.

My brother is recovering from an illness. Pls pray for quick recovery.

Praying for full recovery.

Thank you very much.

By the stripes of Jesus we WERE healed!! I pray for a speedy recovery from this illness that it will never fall upon him again. In Jesus holy name!!

Thank you very much

courage to share the Gospel today

May the Holy Spirit guide you in your ways, fill you with courage and strength. May the lord Give you the words that need to be spoken, and place the lost in your path for them to be found in Christ. In Jesus mighty name!!

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Please pray for all those affected by the attack in Las Vegas.

@greatness96 ask for: Pray that God should direct me in choosing the right partner. God bless you
@cecirod1218 I do have a prayer request I never ask for myself but I'm asking now thank you - God knows what her needs are.
Also pray for @gaintbear's grandma who had a stroke and for the rest of the family @bigbear who have to look after granny for strength, patience and wisdom.