Monday morning prayer

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Happy Monday Morning! Thank You Father God for Another Beautiful day! Be Steadfast, Unmoveable, Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord, for as much as you know your labor is not in Vain in The LORD. 1st Corinthians 15:58. Be Encourage, Stay Focus and Praise God through it all. No Matter what, God See's and Knows! Have a Great day! Amen... D45C1296-F04C-44D5-BCCE-EF3F349E4F44.jpeg C62A9914-39DB-4A56-B969-01C522116CC0.gif 0CBAB85A-EF15-4B15-B4D3-F08E2D1FE833.jpeg. 732BF6C5-F9C1-4590-AB4C-B3CAEB6A793D.jpeg. mannyfig1956


Thank you for the daily prayer. It is so important to have a relationship with the Lord and that all starts with prayer.

Do the Tao now... thanks for the words

Appreciate you stopping bye