Praising our Lord

in #prayer3 years ago

D7ADBFE9-F005-4252-ADF2-73D9BBA73FF1.jpegMy hands lifted up and my mouth filled with Praise, and a heart of Thanksgiving I will Bless Thee O Lord. To The Glory of God, I Welcome The Holy Spirit. I'm so Grateful that You are My Helper, and with a new commitment for this New Year, with Your Plans and Purpose I can run this race and complete it. Have a wonderful complete day in Jesus Name Amen. Blessings FF69A668-D0B4-4579-A6EA-1C60DF6EB650.gif. A02906DD-FE75-43A4-B395-9F11FA605233.gif mannylf1956


It is worthy of praise to our almighty God. Amen!